Saturday, January 30, 2021

Kansas City Faith Blogger Seeks Unity

A local newsman turned blogger offers his perspective on intensifying political debate amongst people of faith who have increasingly touted their religious beliefs in the political sphere.

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Who can fix a divided Christianity in America?

Christianity in the U.S. is a house divided. In some ways it's split into a thousands camps. In other ways of figuring it, it's divided into just a few. But the division I hear about most today is between people...


Anonymous said...

Who can fix it? The only certain answer is that it won't be a partisan hack like Bill Tammeus. He seems to worship nothing but the liberal party-line.

He's the personification of George Carlin's line "if you're part of the solution . . . you ARE the problem."

Anonymous said...

You might give Martin Luther a call.
Oh, really?

Anonymous said...

So funny how this radical guy knows nothing about Christianity and bashes things he knows nothing about and then calls for unity. Hypocrite. He preaches nonsense and only what his itching ears wants to hear. He reminds me of the false preacher in " A Thief In The Night."

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

So for the four years, bill has written how trump supporters are not only wrong, but constantly stating that you can’t be a true Christian and disagree with his view
But now he wants unity? Go peddle that unity bullshit somewhere else
Bill’s side of things need to rebuild all the buildings they burned down and admit that they acted as criminals when they harassed people simply trying to have dinner
Unity? Kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

passing the buck without delivering the message - must do gooder than that.

chuck said...

Silvestor - Dead on The Money.

"I can’t apologize anymore for people who are willfully hurting other human beings in the name of a God they preach is love. I can’t align myself with the human rights violations and overt racism and rabid nationalism that is defining Christianity in America.


What Christians like Pavlovitz (and I'm pretty much where he is) need to do is simply live out their convictions through their words and actions, not silently slink away in passive aggressive anger. Some people will notice. As will God."

Billy is implying that HIS thoughts words and deeds are aligned with God and he is telling you, that HE knows "God will notice".

This comes after those who do not agree with Billy are called RACISTS and NATIONALISTS.

This dreck from Billy is the usual run of the mill ad hominem attacks on those who would think for themselves and not kneel in the Communist Cathedral and pay homage to the Progressive "Narrative".

It is, to me, ironic that Billy chose to reprint this trash during a week where we all found out, if we didn't know before, that the system is so,so very rigged. The FBI agent who was instrumental in the continuation of the Russian Collusion lie when he altered a 302, is let off with a slap on the wrist. The damage the FBI did to this country is unimaginable for those of us who actually looked into the crimes they committed. Then, the GameStop scandal, again, rigged by the elites who rule over us from Wall Street with the help of the Red Chinese exposing again, the lies of the Progressive Narrative and the mistaken belief that there is an actual Rule Of Law.

Anyone at this point, who thinks the election was NOT stolen is a jejune, flipper baby IQ, or, in on the fix, just like Billy.

The entirety of our Federal Government-Deep State-Media-D卐M☭CRAT party-BIG TECH is corrupt on a interstitial level and it is not redeemable.

Washington D.C. is an enemy city, in enemy territory, filled with enemies who want you fuckin dead, or, on your knees.

Anonymous said...

Another angst-ridden Liberal who is pissed off because some people don't want to join his "Kumbaya Circle".
"They don't think like me so I am picking up my toys and going home".
"Maybe some day they will all be perfect like me".

Anonymous said...

Is the guy with the goat fetish not awake yet?

Tab said...

Ever since Obama showed up and the DNC adopted their H8 political diversity doctrine they have maliously attacked conservetives. Then to cheat the election.
You cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Bill’s intention with this was to divert attention of Allah sucking goat dick.

Anonymous said...

Are we working towards Bill's final opinion piece where he declares he is the second coming, Christ on earth? Why delay Billy? The few readers you have are fading fast (and so are you).

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Bill to admit he is an atheist. That is why he has preserved dozens and dozens of their anti Christian comments in his blog archives FOR TEN

Anonymous said...

Bill will not engage in discussions here, but I know he reads the comments. Bill does have a facebook page open to comments. WHY NOT VISIT HIM ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE TODAY?

KC said...

John Pavlovitz is an American Christian pastor and author, known for his social and political writings from a liberal Christian perspective.

Anonymous said...

Silvestor for the win.

This hack want unity, translation: you agree with me.

Go away Bill.

Anonymous said...


A consistent recurring theme in Tammeus' writing is his false belief that he is CORRECT and everyone else is WRONG. Not only that, but he feels a compulsion to hector others on their shortcomings, as he perceives them.

Today's example:
"What Christians like Pavlovitz (and I'm pretty much where he is) need to do is simply live out their convictions through their words and actions, not silently slink away in passive aggressive anger. Some people will notice. As will God."
In this passage, Tammeus is essentially declaring that he is a "good Christian" who just needs to keep on "keeping on" and God will surely smile upon him. Nearly everyone else is at fault and unworthy.

Wouldn't it be fun and stress-free to live in such a simple-minded false construct? Throughout the day I suppose you just keep repeating your mantra of "I am a pure and good person among evildoers. God loves me, and me alone."

It's quite amazing to me that Tammeus has apparently spent decades writing on "faith matters" yet remains such an unenlightened individual.

Turn your face towards the Son
Let the shadows fall behind you.

Anonymous said...

Just what I need...A speaker from the organization that killed millions in the name of Jesus during the Crusades and hundreds of thousands of prosecutions during the Spanish Inquisition to tell me all about unity and peace. Screw you and your god, Bill Tammeus. If anyone is a heretic, it's you with your antiquated belief system.

Anonymous said...

"my gawd can whip your gawd."

More people have been killed over their claim that my (mythical, non-extant skyman) god is better than yours than for any other reason.

Anonymous said...

1:34...WRONG...more people have been killed for political and economic reasons than for any other reason. Communist atheists, for example, killed 100 MILLION people in the last century ALONE. And they ain't done yet, sport!

Anonymous said...

Christianity BROKEN due to politics? REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?


If Jesus supported democracy he would have leaped off the cross, swept his hand and killed all Romans in a 1/2 second, held free elections, and given each citizen a vote. But thats not Christianity. Jesus allowed Harrod to kill all male children under 5, Jews were slaves to Romans, the Jewish temple was destroyed under the Roman dictatorship, and no hope was mentioned of citizens ever having voting rights. Why - because the kingdom on God is not going to be on this earth, Christians are temporary residents on a evil world, they should be living as if they are in tents ready to move, but many Christians live as if they are in sturdy houses and are permanent residents of the earth. The Bible describes the downward fall of the earth till its very last day. The Bible says to pay taxes - it doesnt say that Christians need to be involved in political efforts.

Anonymous said...

4:06 is a liar, who has obviously never even read the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:09

I have read the good book. I dont recall any verses about Democracy etc. Or biblical calls to change the world by political means. Only by spreadin the gospel.

Anonymous said...

The KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION loves Bill Tammeus...because he hates Catholics and Jews as much as they do!

Reverend Stone said...

Ya'all cum tomorrow. I sprayed some glitter on gawd's head so everyone could see him in this cloudy stretch. Wear holy waders 'cause muddy.
If Billy will cum, we'll have a human sacrifice. We will tie him up and let the former Catholics cornhole him first.

Cum in piece.
Reverend Stone

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that Apple phones, jets, Cars, watches, computers, space shots to the moon, people, animals - it all came from just a huge bubbling, 50,000 degree, glowing hot blob of molten metal called earth that was completely sterile - not a single thing alive on it due to intense heat - then a few billion years later and we are all here? From evolution? And DNA which is a natural code, much more complex than any computer program just showed up from hot mud?

Could it be a God created this and then hid himself from us?