Kansas City Faith Blogger Considers Longstanding Science Vs. Religion Debate

A few days ago, newsman turned blogger Bill was completely SPANKED BY TKC READERS when he suggested that millions of voters should repent for their ballot selections.

To comfort him from the rhetorical shellacking, there's recent news HIS NEW BOOK IS SKYROCKETING UP THE CHARTS AT AMAZON!!!

And so, his latest missive offers a peak at the reasoning, logic and beliefs which power this renowned local author. 

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When science studies religion, watch out

Religion is, in so many ways, a mysterious thing, discipline, approach to life, practice. I remember some years ago when a guy I know did a study about whether patients in a hospital got better when others prayed for them...


  1. so like did we drive the saber toothed tiger and the woolly mammoth to extinction as monkeys or humans?

    it's a science question for religion to answer.

    the way i see it we're just the right distance from the Sun to sustain life - a rarity indeed!

  2. Nope, God created them extinct - just ask Revrend Joe-Bob, he'll explain how it was all part of God's Plan to put Trump into Office.


    While Tammeus stood at the crossroads of Science and Religion pondering his intersectionality, he was waylaid by a trucker singing "Humpin' To Please!!!"

  4. Go fuck yourself Bill! This is what you advocated for and now that you've got it you don't like it. Tough shit!

  5. I read a scientist that made a good point; ..”science and religion both agree there was a “Big Bang”. The only argument is how it started

  6. Bill wrote the book aboutvhis nephew...even though he admits the family didn't want him to. But Bill didn't care, he has been making money off his nephews death for 20 years, and he sure ain't gonna stop in his old age. POS.


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