Saturday, January 02, 2021

Kansas City Early Saturday News Smile

We start the weekend inspired by hottie Taylor in a skimpy yet classy bit of fashion promo that merits further consideration in this compilation of pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check-it . . .

Dancing In 2021

KC Performs | A Quixotic New Year's Day Celebration

To ring in the new year, here are a few words of encouragement from Anthony Magliano, founder and creative director of Quixotic.

Meet Rust Week QB

With Mahomes and other Chiefs starters resting, it's veteran QB Chad Henne's time

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's Henne time now. With Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid deciding to rest many starters, quarterback Chad Henne gets the start Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. "Listen, I think he's excited. I was telling him act like you're 20, try to remember those days," Reid said.

Royal Off-Season Decree

Kansas City Royals shouldn't make any trades with the Cubs

In 2015 and 2016, the Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs each ended long championship droughts (the Cubs' obviously much longer than the Royals'). The Cubs remained competitive but Theo Epstein left the organization and now Chicago has started to part ways with some of their better players and look to be rebuilding.

More Deets On Panty Move

Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works set to open Israel stores

Capping a decade of negotiations, Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are set to open in Israel in the second half of 2021. The stores will be run and managed by Israel's Delta Galil and a European distributor following a deal announced Sunday. The locations and exact opening dates have yet to be announced.

Prez Trump Persists

Trump Plans to Fight the Election Even After 'Stop the Steal' Rally Ends

Many of Donald Trump's most dogmatic supporters see a mass protest in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6-just two weeks shy of Inauguration Day 2021-as their last chance to disrupt President-elect Joe Biden's win. But for the president himself, it's just another day to complain.

Tragic Count Cont’d

As US inches closer to 350,000 Covid-19 deaths, one model projects about 115,000 more could die in next four weeks

The US topped 20 million total infections and inched closer to 350,000 Covid-19 deaths on the first day of 2021 -- reminders of a grim reality continuing into the new year.

Speaker Homestead Targeted

Pelosi's home VANDALIZED with pigs head, message about $2,000 checks

Police sources told TMZ that cops were called out to reports of vandalism at the House Speaker's property around 3 a.m.

Iran From Nukes

Iran Tells U.N. Agency It Will Enrich Uranium Back To Pre-Nuclear Deal Level Of 20%

Iran says it intends to start enriching uranium to 20% at its Fordow nuclear facility, exceeding regulations set by the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action known as the Iran nuclear deal, as first reported by Reuters. Iran has previously suggested this increase could be a possibility.

Hard COVID Advice

Michael Blackson Says COVID Lowered His Sex Drive, Recommends Vaccine

Play video content Exclusive Michael Blackson has a very important reason why people should get the COVID vaccine ... he says it's better than getting the virus, which he claims left his penis limp.

Tracking Trending Locally

5 spots to find ultra-trendy hot cocoa bombs in Kansas City

Courtesy photo Have you seen these hot chocolate bombs on Instagram yet? Check out these five spots to find these exploding treats in KC. Nellie's Custom Cakes This twenty-year old cake shop in Claycomo has been on the forefront of the cocoa bomb campaign, posting about them long before they, ahem, blew up.

Newsies Survive Snow Daze

News van slides backward on hill while covering road conditions

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) - A reporter with KSN's sister station in Kansas City had some trouble navigating a steep road Friday morning. FOX4's Matt Stewart started to go up the sloped road, but the news van he was in did not have enough traction. The van started to slide backward.

Snow Aftermath Outlook

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a Storm Track 5 Weather Alert Day. Travel is not advised today. A winter mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow will transition to all snow through mid-afternoon for the KC metro. The roads are expected to quickly become ice/snow covered during the morning hours.

Katy Perry - Not the End of the World is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said...

Andy Reid and Patty Cake Mahomes need to do a remake of Pee-Wee's big adventure. That would be more fitting for their careers. BTW that looks like Reid's head in front of Nancy Pelosi's garage maybe they could cut off Mahomes's balls and leave them I don't think Pelosi has ever had mountain oysters. Oh I forgot Patty Cake Mahomes doesn't have any balls neither does Reid.

Anonymous said...

^^Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

Go Chiefs said...

Bring on the haters, they only make the chiefs that much better!

Anonymous said...

While they pan in on Pole-skammersskis $30 thousand freezer filled with 100- $16 a quart special ice creams. People are so naiive.

Anonymous said...

Surprised Pelosi doesn't have Secret Service guarding her house.

Once doofus Biden takes office; the whole Democrat Party is going to look like a fossilized clown show.

Corporate Media will censor everything to protect China Joe but Biden will still fuck up.

KC said...

Only natural for Victoria's Secret to sell 24 caret gold IUDs when stores open in Israel later this year. Everyone knows Jew men love cumming into money.

Reality Speaker said...

Pretty Hillary-ous, Peelousy !!!! You reap what you sow! These are YOUR PEOPLE, THE ONES YOU CLAIM TO SUPPORT. Now, with Trump gone, they will turn on. and bite the socialist hand that feeds their never ending, never gratified craving for FREE STUFF, PAID FOR BY WORKING TAXPAYERS, whom you don't give a shit about.

There's no satisfying the monster you and your ilk have allow to grow, and now we will watch it come after you and your lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Michael Blackson Says COVID Lowered His Sex Drive, Recommends Vaccine......

If only there was some way to express how BROKEN MY GIVE A SHIT IS REGARDING THIS


Anonymous said...

"Trump Plans to Fight the Election Even After 'Stop the Steal' Rally Ends"

All the world loves a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

News flash: Joe Biden won the election. Get over it

Anonymous said...

^^ News flash: Joe Biden stole the election. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

"Trump Plans to Fight the Election Even After 'Stop the Steal' Rally Ends"

In Trumpspeak "Stop the Steal" means "Help Me Steal."

Anonymous said...


When the lingerie models were caddying for charity at the golf course, my long-shafted wood was a Taylor-made!!!

Anonymous said...

There are already 4,000 Active National Guard troops who've volunteered to serve as "traffic control" during the Inauguration!

Watch for the MAGATS and Proud Boys to keep a pretty damned low profile!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Real Patriots gonna be patriotic,
MAGATS gonna bitch about it - afterwards.

Undoubtedly already claimed to be yet another
"Deep State Conspiracy" by Cucker Tarlson and Dimbart!

Anonymous said...

^^^Dimbart. Took me a while, but I finally got it. Funny!

Anonymous said...

You brought it all on yourself Nancy. Good luck hiding from that bunch LOL!

Antifahole said...

Pelosi got tagged!

Anonymous said...

So did McConnell!

Anonymous said...

Notice those antifa's used masking tape to protect the brick?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Election Joe stole. If you think you are a loser right now, wait until his socialist failed policies provide you $5 an hour, $25 a gallon gas and milk.