Kansas City Early Monday News Layout

Right now we take a peek at diva hottie Riri leading a successful panty insurrection against the status quo as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Kansas City Merch Renaissance

Tees for touchdowns: 21+ ways to wear your Kansas City Chiefs pride while shopping local

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed back to the Super Bowl - seeking to replicate last year's post-season success at the Feb. 7 big game in Tampa, Florida.

Meth Town Ruckus Erupts

Independence police detain 1 following armed robbery call

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE, 5:12 p.m. | Police have detained one person related to the incident. They still are investigating. EARLIER | Independence police are on the scene of a barricaded subject following an armed robbery call Sunday morning. Police responded around 11:30 a.m.

Calling Local Glory

Mitch Holthus' historic call of Chiefs clinching Super Bowl berth will be forever remembered

Tennessee 10, and I think it has been an onslaught and a floodgate open. Kansas City leading, 38 24 with two minutes to go in this game, Dean and Hughes Chiefs had first in 10 at the Buffalo 13 yard line, and Patrick Mahomes has been brilliant all week long.

Panty Hype Starts

You're Not Rihanna's Only Valentine in New Savage x Fenty Campaign Video

Rihanna is coming to rescue anyone who has love on the brain with her new Valentine's Day Savage x Fenty campaign. The pop superstar came in red-hot on Wednesday (Jan. 13) with three collages of her wearing a sheer red bralette with heart patches and a matching backless garter skirt with latex gloves and tights.

Military Equity Demanded

Biden to repeal Trump's ban on transgender people joining military

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden is poised to repeal his predecessor Donald Trump's ban on transgender people enlisting in the U.S. military, a person familiar with the matter said. The source, who spoke to Reuters anonymously because the action is not yet public, said Biden could lift the ban as soon as Monday.

Advantage Brady?!?!

Buccaneers become first team to play Super Bowl in home stadium; first team to host NFL title game since 1966

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have advanced to Super Bowl LV, the second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history -- achieving an NFL first for a Super Bowl team in the process.

Top Doc Talks Trash

Fauci opens up on what working for Trump was really like

News World Americas US politics However, the infectious disease expert said Mr Trump was never confrontational with him, but instead asked him to keep a more positive attitude Infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, who frequently contradicted Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims about Covid-19, said he and his family were faced harassment and death threats as early as March 2020, when coronavirus had started spreading.

Prez Biden Launching COVID Lockdown 2.0

Biden to reinstate Covid travel restrictions Trump rescinded, impose new ban on South Africa

President Joe Biden plans to sign restrictions Monday on travel to the United States to mitigate Covid-19 transmission, two White House officials confirmed Sunday. The ban would prevent most non-U.S. citizens from entry if they have recently been in South Africa where a new strain of Covid-19 has been identified.

Mexico Suffers COVID

Mexico's president says he's tested positive for COVID-19

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Sunday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and that the symptoms are mild. Mexico's president, who has been criticized for his handling of his country's pandemic and for not setting an example of prevention in public, said on his official Twitter account that he is under medical treatment.

Dynasty NextGen Emerges

Old (Brady), young (Mahomes), different Super Bowl 55 awaits

It's on the wind You had a really tumultuous week Physically, Waas we're gonna play where you're not gonna play At what point in the game did you feel like? All right, I'm feeling good and I'm ready to rock. Oh, good.

Local COVID Retreat Emerges

The Campground | Kansas City Magazine

The owners of The Campground knew it was going to take more than fire pits for them to ride out a frigid winter during the pandemic. So owners Christopher Ciesiel and Cristin Llewellyn did something a little more extreme: They installed a little "cabin" village outside their homey tavern in the West Bottoms. The cabins are actually garden sheds, which came flat-packed at "a fairly daunting up-front cost."

Kansas City Confronts Latest Snowpocalypse

Snow, sleet, and heavy rain expected Monday

We're Weather Aware Monday into early Tuesday as a major winter storm impacts the plains. While the immediate metro isn't under any advisory or warning at the moment, I don't think that's reason to ignore Monday. Very heavy snow is expected Monday for areas north and west.

Kodak Black - Last Day In is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Better title Top Doc has NO Class.

  2. The democrats are focusing on revenge against Trump. To heck with vaccinating everyone! After all, the democrat leadership have all gotten their vaccinations!

  3. ^^Yep! He's a treasonous, seditious, cop-murdering MAGAT. Damn right we're going after him. You don't support it because you are too! Death to all MAGATSD! Lock them up, lock them up!

  4. Bezos is left wing you moron. Eat your own. We don't care.

  5. Proud "Domestic Terrorist"1/25/21, 9:04 AM

    Eventually they will get around to eating you and we really won't care.

  6. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 3:20 PM

    I have to pay crack whores big bucks to eat me.

  7. Biden* Lifts Transgender Military Ban, Now All Six Of Them Can Serve In The Military

  8. The only point of ever allowing transgenders in the military was to force the taxpayer to pay for sexual reassignment surgery. It sure does not make the U.S. any safer.

  9. The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed emoluments clause lawsuits against Donald Trump.

    In an order that was issued with no dissent, the highest court of the land instructed lower courts to toss out opinions against Trump since he is no longer in office.

  10. As Recall Petition Against Newsom Nears Required Signatures, He Suddenly And Inexplicably Rescinds States Stay-At-Home-Order

  11. Proud "Domestic Terrorist"1/25/21, 5:04 PM

    I will now list some of Vladimir Lenin beliefs and compare same to Democrats belief systems.

    1. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
    2. The goal of socialism is communism.
    3. World peace will happen when there is world communism. (Peace for opponents of communism and Islam are the same. Peace means opponents are "peacefully in the ground." Totalitarian ideologies have the same goal.)
    4. Atheism is the religion of communism.
    5. Media shall engage in propaganda, agitation and collective organization of the masses.
    6. Propagandize children for a few years and they will be communists for life. (Unless rational thought breaks through the brainwashing barrier.)
    7. Liberty is very precious, so it must be strictly rationed. \
    8. We must use language so the masses hate, scorn and revulsed about any opponents.
    9. Destroy the family and you will destroy the country.
    10. Use a generated or expedient cause as a pretext to register all firearms. The ultimate goal is total confiscation of firearms that will leave the populace defenseless against the dictatorial government. (Lenin forgot to add the last four words, so I helped.)

    Now the comparison:

    1. Democrat/media coverage of Trump (check).
    2. Campus Democrats. (check).
    3. The pseudo religion for Democrats. (check), (World peace is so noble and produces so many fanatics.)
    4. Democrats full assault on Christianity/Christians (check).
    5. Media shall engage in propaganda, agitation and collective organization of the masses. (check x 3).
    6. PC teaching (check).
    7. Dems believe rights for them but not for thee (check).
    8. We must use language so the masses hate, scorn and revulsed about any opponents. Another check x 3.
    9. Gay marriage, transgenderism, no right or wrong, etc. (check x 5).
    10. Talk about a timely Lenin and Democrat lock stepped belief system situation (check)

    Now watch the Democrats scream that they aren't Communists LOL

  12. Fuck you CHUD! We are not Communists! The Communists just share much of our philosophy. Now go change your diaper and watch Matlock asshole!


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