Kansas City Dude Charged With Stabbing Aunt & Uncle To Death In Raytown

Metro crime aftermath and a tragic glimpse at family drama out of control.

Take a look . . .

Man, 29, charged in slayings of aunt, uncle in Raytown

Jackson County prosecutors have charged a 29-year-old man in the slayings of his aunt and uncle in Raytown earlier this month.Desmond C. Richardson faces two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action.On Jan.


  1. Quinton Lucas vows to sue knife manufacturers, while JP Baker is looking to drop charges if he says he's sorry.

  2. Surely they deserved it, right? Let him go free! Arresting him is racist!

  3. Typical hood rat killing

  4. At least he's wearing a mask. Obviously has a social conscience when not killing.

  5. Desmond's going to bunk with


  6. i do believe that is life imprisonment/no parole.

  7. Wall E. Weasel1/29/21, 10:26 PM

    "Quinton Lucas vows to sue knife manufacturers"

    Not this time. There's no high-ranking KCFD official defrauding a knife manufacturer and illegally selling knives to prohibited persons. No need for a distraction, no lawsuit.

  8. Take a knee. I really hope we can honor blm during the super bowl before kickoff, during the game, half time and second half and have a lot of pandering commercial because obviously its whtys fault.

    Nigger fatigue is real.

  9. How vile and unnecessary. Carjacking and killing your aunt and uncle. These people are out of control. I hope he spends eternity in prison.

  10. Desmond is not a very good nephew.

    Probably should have placed a $20 bill in Desmond's Christmas card and Uncle Rufus and Aunt NoTeefa would still be alive.

  11. Just around the corner from where I lived 17 yrs ago. Experienced what was coming and could smell the future. Could swear I encountered this animal as a 14 yr old, and he signaled that it was time to get the hell outta what was once the finest midclass community in America. Now it is sitting on the edge of the next great community they and social engineers ARE destroying-LS Mo. Oh yeah, it is racism that makes a man kill--right...72% of all violent and nonvi crime commited by BLM. Wake up and smell the shit you be shoveling. But really, you already know that. Let's wait for the usual idiot that I could swear works for a communist front or Russian/Chinese org dedicated to fomenting anarchy to once again tell someone how they are typing away with a hot-pocket in mom's basement.


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