Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kansas City Doctors Prescribe Self-Care

A worthwhile local glimpse at how medical pros heal themselves beyond cashing EPIC insurance company checks and playing golf.

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How three of Kansas City's Top Doctors stay grounded during a tough year | Kansas City Magazine

Everyone, including doctors, needs a break from pandemic talk. We talked to three doctors-who were all named Kansas City's Top Doctors for 2021 -a little bit about themselves, what motivates them and how they like to spend their time outside the OR. Plastic Surgeon at Bortnick Plastic Surgery Dr. Dan Bortnick is a second-generation plastic surgeon.

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Anonymous said...

Stroking Egos To Sell Advertising?

Based on the photos, if I told you the following, would you know different?

(L to R) A dental hygienist, a cheesemaker, and the doorman at my building.