Kansas City COVID Vaxx Paycheck Awaits?!?

Local public radio shares an interesting and horrible idea: COVID-19 vaccination pay for play.

I've heard the bidding starts at around $1500.

Taking the shot 3 or 4 times might actually help out a few families.

Here's the "journalism" funded by the government & donations because it would be laughed out of anywhere else . . .

Get Paid To Get Vaccinated? How One Economist Proposes We Reach Herd Immunity

Like a lot of people, Bob Litan and his wife, Margaret, have been cooped up in their Lawrence home during the pandemic. Other than the occasional walk and visit to the doctor's office, they've been indoors for nearly a year. Vaccinations have begun, but Litan says he's concerned not enough people will voluntarily get one.


Anonymous said…
Not even if you pay me.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHA! Pay people with what? One of Biden's tall tales and a c'mon man? LOL
Anonymous said…
Anything that can be done correctly the government will get wrong.
Anonymous said…
Biden can get this right. He has a plan and he's told us that he's smart. Relax!
Reality Speaker said…
Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saudi Arabia has made Biden "Camel Jockey of The Year" !!
Overnight converting America from energy independence and exporter, to dependent importer, killing the pipeline and the American oil industry. Thanks low IQ voters!
Anonymous said…
If KCUR says it, than the socialist must have an ulterior motive for getting their experiment in your arm. No thanks.
Anonymous said…
Great achievements of the Biden administration so far:

1. Stopped the border wall. This encouraged caravans that weee stopped. Babies dead now.
2. Stopped the pipeline. Thousands laid off and gas going up.
3. Only two cabinet members in. Everyone left and right hates his picks. Reportedly his only good luck was a booger in his left nostril.
4. Wants to mandate masks. The Star highlighted him wearing a mask in the WH. Of course he was just photographed without on just outside
5. Mandated the counting of illegals on the Census.
6. Mandated food stamps (out of your taxes) to those who entered the country illegally.
7. Testy with reporters who point out Biden’s stupidity.

This is who the media wanted as president. Time to protest and defund the media? You decide.
Byron Funkhouser said…
Byron Funkhouser said…
I did not make the comment at 3:23.