Kansas City COVID Vaxx Distribution Concerts Coming Soon???

Hipsters share a fun idea and possibly a way for event spaces to garner just a bit of that $1.9 TRILLION worth of government cheese that will have to power the economy until the inevitable war with Iran.

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Could we activate concert venues to help with the COVID-19 vaccination effort?

Live entertainment organizations are signing on to open their venues across the country to help with COVID-19 vaccine rollout. // Image courtesy of NIVA In the midst of the Biden administration's goal of boosting vaccine supply and vaccinating 100 million Americans over the next 100 days, venues that have been empty since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic are offering...


  1. Start with bands junkies and demoncrats follow.

  2. "inevitable war with iran" please dear God help us all, no

    although now that a democrat is in power, we should be starting a lot more wars again. the NY Times editorial board feels that the world again makes sense ....

  3. Trump tried to get us out of the endless wars that both parties make money off of. It will become more apparent as time goes on that both parties hated Trump because he was trying to do what was best for America. Too bad he did not get the support he deserved. Half of us sre brain washed by the liberal government controlled press. Woke indeed lol.


  4. Funny they are taking credit of what Trump was doing. They cheated to win and now take the credit. Schumer and Biden had nothing to do with the so called roll out of the vaccine. Don't forget it was Obama who supported the Wuhan lab and this virus. You democrats are really stupid people anti American as well.

  5. and yet it's Biden's vaccine and he's rolling it out to Americans while Trump did nothing and let 400,000 Americans die. Weird.


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