Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Repeat Hinges On Recovery Of Patrick Mahomes

A playoff win by the backup was a nice human interest story but Kansas City football fans realize a fundamental fact regarding the future success of the team: The Chiefs can't repeat Super Bowl glory without Patrick Mahomes.

And so, all eyes are directed toward his health and pesky NFL liability protections. 

Here are some of the more interesting links on the topic for tonight . . .

Protocol Confronts Paddy

How the NFL concussion protocol works: What Patrick Mahomes has to do to get back on the field

4:40 PM ET Kevin SeifertESPN Staff Writer Close ESPN.com national NFL writer ESPN.com NFC North reporter, 2008-2013 Covered Vikings for Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1999-2008 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is in the NFL's concussion protocol, and that's really all we can say about his status six days before the AFC Championship Game.

Liming Towards Super Bowl

Chiefs not worried about Patrick Mahomes' toe - ProFootballTalk

Patrick Mahomes was grimacing - and limping - after the Chiefs' second touchdown Sunday. He injured the big toe on his left foot, needing attention in the blue medical tent in between series. But that became a footnote (pun intended) when the Chiefs' quarterback departed with a concussion with 7:11 remaining in the third quarter.

Cowtown Head Check

Local brain injury experts weigh in on Mahomes, concussion symptoms and possible road to recovery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chiefs fans held their collective breath on Sunday. The heat of an NFL playoff game grew even more tense when Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wobbled off the field with an injury. The Chiefs medical staff hasn't confirmed that Mahomes has a concussion, but Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid said [...]

Compulsive Gamblers Still Betting On Kansas City Repeat

Oddsmakers expect Mahomes to play, keep Chiefs as Super Bowl favorites

12:02 PM ET David PurdumESPN Staff Writer Close Joined ESPN in 2014 Journalist covering gambling industry since 2008 For now, the Kansas City Chiefs remain the team to beat, but things could change quickly depending on the status of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Momma Talks Trash

Patrick Mahomes' mom calls Mack WIlson's hit on Chiefs' quarterback 'trash football'

During the third quarter of Sunday's AFC Divisional playoff game, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a concussion following a hit that was delivered by Cleveland Browns linebacker Mack Wilson. Following the play, Mahomes' mother, Randi, tweeted her frustration concerning the play and called it "trash football."

Footballer Bounty Disputed

Browns' Myles Garrett denies teammates were 'headhunting' amid Patrick Mahomes injury

Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett denied the assertion his teammates were headhunting when Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes left Sunday's game with a head injury. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made the claim after the win, telling reporters he heard Browns players yelling, "That's what we do. That's what we do."

Kansas City Health Threat

Patrick Mahomes' concussion scare reminds the Chiefs there's one thing they can't control in quest to repeat

Defending a championship is hard in any pro sport. In a world full of alpha athletes, you become the hunted, the one that other great teams and players - all of whom are, by nature, far more competitive than you or I could even dream of - measure themselves against.

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  1. He'll be back but he won't be 100%

    1. And yet, Patrick Mahomes at 80% is still better than all of the other NFL quarterbacks. Weird.

  2. ^^^^^Oh STFU he isn't either. You idiots are so delusional.

    I say golden boy does not play Sunday. This is second concussion. Lots of money riding on him and if he gets really hurt he's no good to anyone. I say the Chiefs try to win this weekend with out Mahomes in a gamble to have him 100% if they make the Super Bowl. When your brain gets scrambled so bad you can't even stand up on your own you got hurt. Look how long Dale Earnhardt Jr was out of a car with his concussion but he still went around doing just about anything else he wanted to do before he was cleared to drive again.

  3. Pinched nerve, happens all the time.


  4. Give me a break, you mean mommy is interfering in Patty's ball game. What a puss. "Mommy mommy they hit me in the head on purpose." Funny!

  5. and yet he never got a concussion. It was a brachial "stun". He starts on Sunday 100%. Plus he's tougher than you geriatric fucktards who break a bone every time you get out of bed. Weird.

  6. Did Pattycakes get the shit kicked out of him and fall down? Get used to it boy. Now that they know how to do it you will be spending a lot more time on your ass.

  7. Mahomie got knocked the fuck out LOL

  8. ^^and yet he didn't. Weird.

  9. Defenses have figured Mahomes out. He better get used to getting hit. It's a shame to have all that money and no health to enjoy it. His brain is going to be like swiss cheese by the time he retires.

  10. ^^and yet they haven't as he has just successfully lead his team to three straight AFC Championships, and led his team to a 14-1 record this year. Huh. Weird.

  11. C-Note he plays Sunday. Any takers? You all got it figured out so put it up or shut up.

  12. The Chiefs are done. Let's see how fast this town turns on Pattycakes when he fails to win another one.


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