Kansas City Chiefs QB Mahomes: GOAT?!?

A question for local history that will likely be determined in the next few weeks.

Here's one perspective from the political stat blog that's almost always wrong.

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What Makes Patrick Mahomes So Great

We know which athletes are great, but we know less about what makes them great. To help, FiveThirtyEight is compiling The Greatness Files, a compendium of, well, what makes great athletes great. Next up in our series: some guy named Patrick Mahomes. I grew up a Joe Montana fan.


  1. He isn't.

  2. and yet he is. By far. And it's not even close. Weird.

  3. Get your hand out of your pants.

  4. Who? Never heard of him.

  5. Flash in the pan.

  6. ^^he's fucking your wives too!

  7. He's one and done.

  8. The kid is highly overrated.

  9. ^^Say the retard who doesn't know what a CAPS key is. Mahomes rules, treasonous, cop-killing, Trumptards drool!

  10. The Real News.....Not The MSM Bullshit1/15/21, 1:36 PM

    Mahomes isn't any greater than your average male who goes to work and does his job every day like he is paid to do.

    The liars in media wants you to think Mahomes is better than anyone else when we all know for sure it's a lie.

    Put Mahomes on the field all by himself and lets see just how great he isn't.

    There is no I in the word team but the media, some fans and Mahomes himself would sure like to make you think so.

  11. mahomes is great because he always puts his team in a position to win

    is what makes him g o a t

    scan the games he has started. other than this season's loss to the raiders can you find a game where we lose by more than one possession? and that was technically an 8 point loss, but we really weren't in it.

    i think he has never been blown out

    so can you say the same about any other top tier quarterback over span of same number of games?

    sounds like greatest of all time to me

  12. @1:36PM and yet Mahomes IS better than your average man because they're not worth a billion dollars. He is.

    And yet we would never put Mahomes on a field by himself shitstain because that's not how football is played.

    You're a bitter, broken, lonely, jealous fucktard. Mahomes is not. That's your problem with him and we all know it.

  13. Can't wait to see the Chiefs lose this Super Bowl.


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