Saturday, January 02, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs Endure Scrutiny

Quick glimpse at sports newsies and opposing team fans desperately searching for some hope amid the dark days of winter and a top seed for the Super Bowl champs.

Check-it . . .

Chiefs have surprising weakness heading into playoffs

The Chiefs don't have many weaknesses heading into the NFL Playoffs, but special teams play should be a concern for Andy Reid and his coaching staff. Teams looking to identify a chink in the Chiefs' armor heading into the playoffs aren't going to find many reasons for hope when examinining either Kansas City's offense or defense.


Anonymous said...

No one cares.

Anonymous said...

I care.
I care deeply.
I care like a mother cares for her child.
I care like a chucker cares for his spear.

I am a very caring person.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Before 7 on a Saturday? You care way more than most people.

Sad. Very sad.

KC said...

Writers still using the word "chink" in PC 2021?? Why not work in the word "niggardly" or "beaner" into the story?

Anonymous said...

Chiefs rule, geezers drool!

Fuck the Chiefs said...

One and done. Back to biz as usual.