Kansas City Celebrates Life Of Hank Aaron

Local baseball fans remember one of the greatest careers of the modern era.

More than anything, this take really stood out as EXCEPTIONAL on my social media feed . . .

"In 1976, Henry Aaron endured racism and death threats to step into history, hitting a career-best 755 homers. Others have questionably passed that. Aaron got to 755 steroid-free."

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Hank Aaron's death mourned at Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The death of Henry Aaron, 86, leaves a tremendous void at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The man known as "Hammerin' Hank" was one of best sluggers in Major League Baseball history and a civil rights icon. Aaron is being remembered just as much for the way he handled himself off the field.


  1. That covid vaccine that he got for show last week worked out really well for him didn't it?

  2. Hurry up libs get your shots.

  3. Jesus, not only did the biden virus kill hank, but now national treasure Larry King early at 88 years young.

    Why won't biden do something. Where is kamala?

    Do they not care!

  4. Not to worry politicians got the vac will become racially distributed to rest

  5. Joe Biden has Hank Aaron's blood on his hands.

    Biden does not care about the American public; killing a treasure like Hank Aaron.

  6. Aaron & King were geriatric fucktards. Thankfully they die everyday die. We can rejoice in the knowledge that most of you will be gone very soon too!


    One of the GREATEST men to ever play baseball.

    He didn't consider himself a victim.
    He wasn't a community activist.
    He didn't take a knee for the national anthem.
    He didn't talk about his gender or sexuality.
    He congratulated his competitors when they performed well.
    He was a member of his faith community.
    He was married and had children.


  8. Hank Aaron a class act. Much could be learn from this mans example. For one I di nit think he called for Babe Ruth statues to be torn down.

  9. “Hammering hank Arron” will and always be the home run king, fuck that steroid abusing fairy bonds.

  10. You realize hate is not limited to minorities. I am a college educated white guy working in a large corporate environment. Pretty quiet guy. But greatly hated by some in the office because my work is of better quality than others. I have been passed over for promotions by managers afraid I might end up taking their job someday, had people lie about me and blame me for other's mistakes, even had my car vandalized in the company lot. And I am a non-confrontational, rather shy person, with no ego. Never use bad words, never lose my temper, always polite at work, never miss any time and help others do their jobs daily. Hate is something equally poured out on any living or dead human.

  11. Thank you 11:00, Hank Aaron was nothing but class. I was 18 yrs old when he achieved the record of beating Babe Ruth and thought it was nothing but terrific!!

    Hank went on to live his life as an understated star in my view. He made tv appearances but it was never about him, it was what his team did regardless of their color.

    We need more of the Hank Aaron's around and not the self promoters who promote more division within our society!!

    So to Hank Aaron I say, thank you for all you did and God Bless you and your family!!


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