Kansas City Calls For Vaxx Unanswered

News follow-up on public health hype that has fallen flat . . . . 


Other cities in the metro have better efforts coordinated with hospitals whilst Mayor Q and the health department seem to be focused on policing small biz as a way to "protect" the populace.

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KCMO gets 1,200-plus calls on vaccine form, plans to return messages

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department says it will return more than 1,200 calls from people who need help completing a vaccine contact form but warned it could take several weeks to reach everyone.


Anonymous said…
Incompetence at the highest level.
Anonymous said…
Dimwit run cities have no plan because chyna flu joe doesn’t have one so......

The city has had a year to figure something out and as usual they’re waiting for somebody else to come up with one so they can copy it and say it was their idea, that’s how lickass ass and the life long city health employee wrecks archer does it.

Maybe dimwit run cities gave up because joe and both his hoes said the government can’t help. “However, in Biden’s address to the American people, he said it doesn’t appear there is anything the government can do to slow the spread and have things return to normal.”

“Never underestimate joes ability to fuck things up”

Can we please bring back President Trump, he had a plan with 600 million doses guaranteed, 500 million as backup and dementia joe thinks we only have 100 and no plan whatsoever.

Maybe his ultimate plan truly is 200 million American deaths, he just said it too soon.
Byron Funkhouser said…
@12:30 +100
Anonymous said…
@12:30 huh. Not one word you wrote is true. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
'We'll bring truth back to the briefing room': Biden's new White House press secretary Jen Psaki promises 'transparency' in her podium debut without mentioning her predecessor.

Didn’t take her long to break that promise.

Anonymous said…
So what was the Biden plan again?

Oh, that's right. There wasn't one.

Thanks, Karen!
Anonymous said…
I just saw Jen pieceofshit video do “circling back to you” and one thing is evident, her choice of colors for her clothing is green, black and red. What else has these same colors in it?

The Pan-African flag—also known as the Afro-American flag, Black Liberation flag, UNIA flag and various other names—is a tri-color flag consisting of three equal horizontal bands of red, black and green.

Is this some type of subliminal message or does she really dress like shit all the time!

I have to say, no one will ever compare to the wonderful and beautiful First Lady Melania Trump and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, now those two have class, something the new administration severely lacks in.
Anonymous said…
When Biden Officials took over they discovered the Trump Administration had no plane & no vaccine to distribute.

Operation Warp Speed ended at states' borders & local officials were left to sort things out for themselves.

West Virginia leads the nation in vaccine distribution & is the only state to have ONE state wide preregistration portal to contact individuals when it's their time to receive the vaccine.

The Biden Administration has ordered more vaccine doses ...again they found the cupboards empty.

Don't look to Fox News for information, they're only interested in propaganda & repeating Republican lies.

1:10, the physical appearance of the former First Lady & former Press Secretary (soon to be Fox Employee) is completely irrelevant. The fact that they are both pathological liars is more relevant.
Anonymous said…
Folks waking up about vovid scam and drones spraying it. Look up.

Several smart folks exposed covid scam and FAKE id NOW tester and bill gates and fauci SCAM on Tonykc. Folks apprexiate tonykc. It would be nice yo upload pictures. Lots of friend yook onfo from posting.all was right tester patents in 1999.

Alere inc and hhs sec. Sebellius 1.9 billion funding all true. Fauci and bill gates took crap tester to sebellius got billions then Obama made dr. birx hiv czar globally then birx went to Africa.

Bill Gates and fauci probally concohted eboli virus.
Nevertheless tonyskc put folks on the path to research post from smart folks that never bought the SCAM lie.

Kamala harris has was PLAINTIFF in amanda wu vs Alere inc in 2011. Wu refused to certify fake pount of care TESTER thats being used for COVID test. It gave false positives.

Cities shut down because of positive covid cases only. Fauci and gates roll out fake testet renamed id now by abbott labs gets 750 million from trump administration. Bill GATES ,dr.birx and dr.fauci will be in gitmo or face gallows.

No one will take vaccines or test. Its a scam.. thanks tonykc
Anonymous said…
^^TL/DR. Written by a moron. Hard pass shit weasel!
Anonymous said…
Biden is a total fuckup.

Trump developed a Covid-19 vaccine in record time.

Trump was distributing one million vaccines a day and Biden already has the distribution down to 1/2 million.

But hey, America now has Biden's man dressed like a woman as the country's new Secretary of Health. That is all that matters.
Anonymous said…
^^except Trump never ever had a million vaccines distributed. So weird. Why do MAGATS lie about things that are readily proven on the internet. Oh, that's right...they lose on the facts so resort to fantasy like we don't know they're lying. Pathetic cop-murdering, seditious, traitors.
Anonymous said…
Where is the plan Biden* told us he had?
Anonymous said…
Please Joe! Go Corn Pop on the virus like you said you would!
Joe Biden* said…
C'mon man! Cut me some slack! I don't even know what all these papers I'm signing are for! Uh oh! Kamala, I need a new diaper!