Saturday, January 09, 2021

Kansas City Artsy Restoration Debuts

Not every development project in Kansas City is hatched by greedy real estate speculators.

Here's a look at the GRASSROOTS COWTOWN CREATIVE CLASS keeping this town weird and authentic in rugged enclave wherein COVID delayed a luxury housing boom.

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In Kansas City's West Bottoms, Artists Lend An Old Building New Life And Purpose

A faded sign on a brick building in Kansas City's West Bottoms advertises, "Holsum Food Products - Add the 'touch of genius' to your meals." It's been decades since dry goods were processed in the five-story building at 12th and Santa Fe streets.

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Anonymous said...

thx for link

west bottoms devastated by flood of 51.

every one forgot about west bottoms.

west bottoms thus escaping attention of urban renewal efforts (mostly)

buildings so well built they can survive a century of disuse and even neglect!

structures completely exposed to elements still standing, and appear to be brick shithouses, but the money to rehab, my goodness. take the one at st louis and mulberry. i think every single window is broken out. would take a million dollars just to button it up.