Kansas City Approves Disney On Ice

Check the first public event at the downtown arena in more than 10 months that most parents would still rather skip . . . Read more:

Disney on Ice receives OK from KCMO Health Department

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Disney on Ice now has the OK to run at the T-Mobile Center later this month and in February after an initial announcement was made prior to health department approval.


Anonymous said…
Disney was never going to be told what to do by Archer and Lucas.
Or any other big business, for that matter.
Or mobs that cause damage to people's property and make "demands".
They go after small business and regular tax-paying folks.
Just follow the money to see the real priorities.
Anonymous said…
Of course they received the ok from the City Health Department. You know why? They need the tax revenue from the event. It was a no brainer.
Anonymous said…
Funny how Covid-19 knows not to infect Disney shows and their audiences.
Anonymous said…
It's a very special virus!