Kansas City Against Gig Economy Delivery

Check this latest bit of tech regulation that hopes to side with embattled local restaurants over digital workers in slap fight over mobile phone app based issues of "equity" and cash.

And once again . . . Drive-thru service is the only solution to avoiding so much culture war posturing and tech consternation.

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Kansas City's leaders working to cut delivery fee costs for restaurants

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Three months ago, Alan Kneeland opened up his restaurant The Combine on Troost Avenue. "I did think about opening in the middle of a pandemic and how hard it can be but at the same time just doing it is what we had to do," says Kneeland.


  1. Amazon Says Workers Voting To Unionize Can Only Do So In Person Because Mail-in Votes Would Be Susceptible To Cheating LOL!

  2. Sorry Bezos! If it's good enough for a national election it's good enough for Amazon. Enjoy the union goons you hypocrite!

  3. CHUDLEY, if you are too lazy or incompetent to make the food at least get off your dead ass and go get it.

  4. “We can’t reach out directly with financial relief to restaurants and businesses so we are looking for every way we possibly can to help restaurants,” says Kansas City Councilman Eric Bunch

    Translation: It is illegal to have a direct transfer of city funds to our pet projects, but we will find a backdoor to bone the taxpayer...

  5. Quinton Lucas1/25/21, 4:38 PM

    IF you think you are getting $15 an hour without us taking your raise you are in for a rude awakening!


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