Kansas Abortion Fight Restarts For 2021

This debate is just as deadly as any other, here's a peek a culture war kicking into high gear amid the "mostly peaceful" transition of power . . . Read more:

Kansas legislators review proposed anti-abortion amendment

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Abortion opponents and abortion rights supporters on Friday previewed arguments they'll make to voters if lawmakers put a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution on the ballot. House and Senate committees heard testimony on a proposal to overturn a Kansas Supreme Court decision in 2019 declaring access to abortion a [...]


  1. Without abortions the Welfare EBT section 8 budget would bankrupt the country.


  2. But you can't decapitate little babies because of welfare. Ever seen an abortion? Look it up and see what they do to those babies and how by the time a women knows she is pregnant that baby has a nervous system and heartbeat and can fell the pain of it's legs and arms being pulled off or with the suction method being crushed alive. It's barbaric. The little body parts can fit on a coin.

    BTW who do you think pays for abortion under democratic rulers like Obama and Biden? That's right it's you and me. I would rather pay for welfare and EBT.

  3. Byron Funkhouser1/15/21, 10:09 PM

    Tax payer funded abortions ended in 1993.

  4. Sharice Davids was OUTRAGED at the Capitol demonstrations last week (led by BLM/Antifa operatives) and mourns those injured or killed.


    Sharice Davids is perfectly fine with the dismemberment of unborn babies.

  5. Trump's dead doctor1/16/21, 12:24 AM

    ...Your god seems happy with the miscarriage's and stillbirths that 'he' preforms...or is that the fault of the mother? What kind of god gives a baby a birth defect? Obviously yours.....
    The real hero's are modern science and medicine that try to reverse these 'blessing's from god.
    We will stop these things with solid rational thinking, not some silly incantations that serve no purpose but to make the praying 'feel good'....
    ..and then there's...beating the 'demons' out of children....read that a while back...just another case that...got a little 'out of hand'....
    T here
    I s
    N o
    G od!
    ...spread the word.

    1. Science has made it possible to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, at a time. Science has made advanced abortion techniqes available to all. Hence, abortionists can now easily kill 700,000 a years. Science will not stop the killing...it will make it easier. You are a fool.

  6. And yet 12:24 is going to hell. Weird.

  7. 1:07

    You say that there is no God at one in the morning on a wintry, bleak windy night.
    Don't you feel alone and desolate with that belief?

  8. 400,000 dead humans in America, 4x the annual abortion total, where are the right to life folks? They think the Covid is a hoax their dear leader told them, and by the way screw born people is their mantra.

  9. Trump's Dead Doctor1/16/21, 11:18 PM

    12;52..science will put an end to your god's little jokes, like birth defects, stillbirths, miscarriage's,etc....all things your god can stop but...doesn't. Instead we see the Shriner ads with the kids dealing with your gods vengeance and revenge.....right?
    you sir, are a 'droolin'downthechin fool'.....
    As for 1;07....I'm not going to hell, never commited a sin in my life...you on the other hand WILL GO TO HELL 'cause you BELIEVE in hell....enjoy!
    As for9;48....Yes I say T here,I s,N o,G od!
    at One or so in the morn. ....on a bleak, wintery, windy, night.....and well, no I don't feel alone, like you sound.I've been emain' my friends all day....so I don't feel desolate, I'm upstairs, nice and warm....not like you, who sounds like your down in your deep,dark,dank,moldy concrete floored stinktank....with just a bare 25w bulb flickering lissomly on a old fabric covered wire...on your old library table and wobbly chair....just stop me if you can't read this through the tears of loneliness streaming down your weathered face....hoping god will save us from the Covid Virus [he's] blessed us with....
    and killed your neighbors....
    As for 3;40...YOU NAILED IT!!
    ....it's been fun!!..
    ..on to the next jesusfreak......


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