Johnson County Weed Renaissance Starts

Check another glimpse at good times ahead as suburbanites push back against draconian laws to support a battle in the drug war that has already been lost.

Reality check: Weed use is RAMPANT in JoCo and upholding this law when there's a defacto weed green zone in KCMO doesn't make much sense.

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Prairie Village To Look Into Decriminalizing Marijuana

Prairie Village may join the growing list of communities that have decriminalized marijuana. At Monday's meeting, councilmembers Inga Selders and Ian Graves outlined several reasons why decriminalization should be considered - including the disproportionate enforcement on low-income individuals and people of color, as well as Prairie Village's proximity to Kansas City, where decriminalization is already in place.


  1. Hell just walk a mile anywhere in Johnson county to the nearest section 8 neighbor. They got weed and other goodies for Karen and Chad.


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