Jackson County Prosecutor 'Use Of Force' Hire Helps Police The Police

Checks & balances on the local level . . . Take a look . . .

Jackson County prosecutor taps former KCPD sergeant for new investigative role

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former longtime Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department sergeant has been tapped for a new role with the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office. Tony Sanders, who served 28 years at KCPD, will work with Jean Peters Baker's office to examine incidents involving police use-of-force and alleged wrongful criminal convictions.


  1. Who is going to investigate Jean Petersucker Baker? Why is Jean Petersucker Baker such a worthless prosecutor?

  2. ^^^ Leave her alone. She's hot!

  3. Tony is a good man. Good for him.

  4. Tony is a good man. Tony is a "yes" man. Tony has no real investigative experience in his law enforcement career either with the KCPD or MOHP.

  5. Tony Sanders has done good work. I agree with 10:28.

    I understand the criticism at @1:31 but I think that this could be a start of more accountability and that's not a bad thing.


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