Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Jackson County Property Tax FAIL Exposed

Another glimpse at local tax hikes outpacing every other part of the Show-Me State.

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Jackson County audit identifies concerns over assessment procedures

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The State Auditor's office released its final report on Jackson county this week, highlighting several concerns over the county's property reassessment in 2019. The report concluded that Jackson county "...needs to improve controls and procedures in its assessment department to ensure effective and efficient future reassessments," according to a news release highlighting the state's findings.


Anonymous said...

That’s being awfully kind, they broke the law when they exceeded 15% increases and to add salt in the wounds they did it without the required on site inspections.

They broke the law even further when they raised taxes this year in the odd year that they can’t. Frankie boy is the biggest dumbass on earth.

Anonymous said...

Vote democrat for democrap.

Anonymous said...

Fire Gail Beatty!!!!! Lucky to have her my ass! (Frank White says we’re lucky to have her... hmmm, like a bad rash - it’s never because of luck!

Anonymous said...

After Troy Schulte destroyed KCMO, he's now performing an encore for Jackson County.

Remember when Schulte repeatedly claimed he could make a lot more money and sleep better at night if he joined the private sector?
He never did. He only knows how to feed at the government trough.