Saturday, January 09, 2021

H&R Block Confronts Stimulus Check Crisis

Payback is a beast for this local company that continues to endure complaints.

Now that locals are expecting TWO GRAND WORTH OF FREE MONEY the criticism is likely to worsen.

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Stimulus problems persist for metro man trying to get full payment from H&R Block

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - H&R Block and Turbo Tax now say they've returned millions of taxpayer stimulus dollars after funds were mistakenly deposited in refund accounts. But one metro man says he is still fighting to get all the money he was owed.


Anonymous said...

We should give the head of HR atleast 200 million taypayer dollars, like we did a football player. We are the World.

Anonymous said...

NFL player salaries are paid through television advertising dollars, not taxpayer dollars.

You paid for the stadium; you do not pay the players' salaries.

Anonymous said...


Jeffrey Jones, has been the CEO of HRBlock for now 3 years. Previous roles were at Uber (6 months, sexual harassment by company leadership), and Target (4 years, with data breach and failed expansion).
My INTUITion tells me his days may be numbered!!!

Anonymous said...

7:55 in the Pony Express era of time. Your metro gave Mchomboy 200 plus million tax payer dollars last July. Jump on the planet when it goes past you next time. Are you kidding us ?