Gun Rights Empower Kansas City Women

Worthwhile coverage offers a glimpse at the progressive party line about mandatory dismemberment doesn't really have much support in the urban core or anywhere else among Americans who value their constitutional rights.

Credit where it's due . . . Pro-gun reporting is rare and this bit of local journalism is worth a read and provides an ALTERNATIVE from partisan party line chatter:

New metro gun club focused on women, aiming to instill confidence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's a new group empowering women to learn to shoot guns. Pretty Pistols Posse want women across the KC metro to feel confident enough to protect themselves and exercise their 2nd Amendment right. Cofounder Latasha Jacobs said it all started as a few friends just hanging out.


  1. Bravo. Finally some common sense when discussing a person's right to bear arms.

  2. Nothing like an angry black woman that’s proficient in the use of guns.

  3. ^^yes! Hopefully they'll drop some white geezer racists!

    1. Nah. The hood rats will always slaughter each other.

      Thanks for advocating racial violence though, chimp.

  4. I'm actually for it! More 'responsible' gun owners the better. Get past the racial issues and love the 2nd amendment. Now just because you own a gun doesn't mean you can crack off 100 rounds in the air on New Years Eve or the 4th of July. Those bullets come down just as fast as they go up and are deadly. Be responsible!

  5. ^^Do you look at your own comments often "chimp'?


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