Friday, January 29, 2021

Feds Reveal They're Up On Facebook After Taking Down Capitol Riot Suspect

More deets on how social media monitoring proves useful for law enforcement as they nab an alleged supporter of a recent American insurrection.

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FBI uses special Facebook ID number to identify Missouri man after Capitol riot

FBI agents said they used a special Facebook identification number to arrest a Missouri man whose Facebook account was deleted after his livestream inside the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Report dangerous, violence-prone MAGATS to the FBI immediately.

Anonymous said...

Report dangerous, violence prone ANTIFA to the FBI immediately.

Anonymous said...

Not one cop was hurt or killed during the peaceful protests this last summer by those wanting accountability from the police. The one magat protest left 6 dead, 2 cops from suicide, one beat to death by a blue line matters flag holder, and 3 magats who up a died on their own.

Anonymous said...

What about the little rape/murder republic of CHAZ? Boy, that sure was peaceful. And you are just like CNN, only less honest--at least CNN had the minimal integrity it took to call them 'mostly peaceful' as the fires raged in the background.

You're not just a liar, you're an ignorant liar.

Anonymous said...

The FBI gonna get all the MAGA that were on Capital grounds. Then over the year, the IRs and local police will be on them too.

Shouldnt try to overthrow the USA.

There is a steep price to pay for terrorism and treason!

Nobody will forget who the MAGA were! We all know. Q-anon folks please report to the nearest mental ward for treatment!