Feds Arrest Missouri Capitol Riot Suspect

Law enforcement seems VERY SERIOUS about enacting some measure of accountability and consequences following the MAGA INSURRECTION

Here's a look at a nearby resident being held to account . . . Check-it:

FBI arrests Springfield man in connection with riot at US Capitol

The FBI announced that a Springfield man was taken into custody on federal charges related to the riot at the U.S. Capitol earlier this month.Authorities said special agents and Springfield police took Zachary Martin into custody on suspicion of unlawful activities on Capitol grounds, disorderly conduct and demonstrating in the Capitol building.


Anonymous said…
ISIS and Al Qaueda failed to storm the capital. This guy succeeded! Bid lauden wanted his thugs to fly a plane into the capital and damage it while in session.

This guy succeeded!

Please execute this guy!
Anonymous said…
calls for executions of american citizens before they have been convicted by a jury of their peers by sufficient evidence and an effective assistance of counsel in that defense....

10:55 please be serious.

the number one question I have for all these nuts who mobbed the capital is, how much time do you spend a day on social media? social media is the sickness - if not for it those people would not have got on a plane during a pandemic to go stand outside in january and listen to speeches