Eternal Question: Should You FINALLY Get That Kansas City Chiefs Tattoo?!?

For dudes and hotties in their 20s . . . A debate over body art has dominated their psyche for months. A victory next week will inspire a bandwagon of fans to overwhelm shady local ink parlors given that victory parades are verboten this year.

Accordingly, here's a glimpse at the longstanding semi-permanent trend that local still grandparents hate.

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Kansas City Ink: Chiefs Fans Climbing Most-Tattooed List

Nothing says "permanent" like the buzz of a tattoo gun. And to many passionate football fans, permanent ink injected two millimeters past the epidermis goes a long way in demonstrating devoted fandom. "Getting one after the Super Bowl was a perfect time," said lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan Zach Peterson, who considered Chiefs ink even before last year's win in Miami.


  1. You can't be serious. Why would anyone worship these anti Americans to the place of putting them on your body? That's sick and twisted. That Mahomes is the lowest form of trash and I wouldn't want his picture in my house let alone on my body.

  2. Brittany needs that one over her mouth.

  3. A man getting a tattoo of another man.

    Talk about a cuck ass bitch....

  4. Reverend Stone1/31/21, 7:25 AM

    Gawd it's early. I gotta go back to bed.

  5. Charles Whitman1/31/21, 8:40 AM

    Just get a shirt.

  6. Pay the rent? Get inked? Definitely get the tat, Biden is drafting an exec order covering financial irresponsibility.

  7. ^^Yep! Thank God for him!

  8. The Libtards are destroying the oil and gas industry, leaving tens of thousands of its workers without jobs or ways to provide for themselves and their families. There are not solar/wind jobs waiting for them. During a pandemic, consumers will be paying a lot more for gas to run their cars and heat their homes. The Demoncraps are rapidly destroying the robust economy and job growth for people of all races that Trump created.

  9. OK Boomer.

  10. Yes! Because blacks have nothing better to spend their money on than tattoos of half-white men.


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