Saturday, January 09, 2021

Empty Kansas City Bike Lanes Celebrated

A KCMO urban core not-so-fun fact . . .

Bike/Walk KC Basically turns otherwise beautiful streets into dangerous obstacle courses that neither protect cyclists nor help the flow of traffic.

The group has grown exceptionally shady now that they have one sympathetic councilman and their projects are universally opposed by neighborhoods.

Here's how they spent the pandemic making life harder for residents . . .

Progress in 2020 - Seven Built Bike Projects to Be Excited About

It's easy to get discouraged when delays, roadblocks, budget cuts, global pandemics, and other surprises frustrate the best laid plans to improve walking and biking infrastructure. As the year draws to a close, BikeWalkKC wants to celebrate some of the bike projects that persevered in 2020 to support safe and active streets for all users.


Anonymous said...

Dismaying to see that North Kansas City has plans to extend the unused Bike Lanes that disrupt Armour Road and increase traffic difficulties.

Any chance that NKC will hold off on these extensions until there are finally SOME users of the very expensive lanes already imposed on the City's residents?

Anonymous said...

Every car needs a bike as a hood ornament

Anonymous said...

Homos advertise their goods by wearing biker pants. Not exactly optimum in the cold for proper display. However they will be out in force when the weather warms up, especially if they can get Chuck to be the official bike lane fluffer. This will give rise to more usage and ...

Hyperblogal said...

The goal of making our streets as confusing as possible, continues unabated.

Anonymous said...

That money wasted on bike lanes, could be used to fund more empty streetcars going up & down Main St.

Anonymous said...

Pulling out of DQ or the post office in NKC is very exciting. We need a lottery started on first fatality as a result of this lunacy.

Anonymous said...

armor and gilliam ruined by these lanes.

used to be awesome rips, no more

loss of armour was bad enough - i could use 36th street as parallel route at least to harrison/troost.

but loss of gillham is hard to recover from.

geniuses laid down concrete logs by the hundreds in the paved surface of the right of way, and they call themselves cycling advocates.
dumbass - id on't want a concrete log in front of my wheels rolling along smooth pavement

please do not ruin KCK streets with designs like this.

cyclists do not want things narrowing roads

cyclists do nt want things blocking the pavement like high curbs

cyclists do not want streets torn up for schemes to put rails down on the street surfaces. people clamored to get rid of streetcar rails because they were tired of bumping over them. they dangerous for bikes, duh

sorry to rant, some times bike lanes make sense, i am case by case, but there are some ridiculously stupid examples here - can't believe this cycling advocacy group is highlighting these design flaws