Sunday, January 31, 2021

Craft Brewery Testimony: Boulevard Hot Mess Sparks Outcry For Change

Here's an overview of this week's boozy scandal along with a treatise on crafting a more equitable brewing culture that seems like a lot of hard work &msash; Which is the EXACT OPPOSITE REASON that most people get boozy jobs in the first place.

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Get Out of Your Own Way - Employees Won't Speak Up Until the Brewing Industry Tears Down Its Walls - Good Beer Hunting

This week, allegations surfaced of sexual assault and multiple incidents of gender-based harassment at Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Company, prompting the company to issue a statement and subsequent apology . Boulevard's president, Jeff Krum, resigned Wednesday, saying he failed to ensure th


Anonymous said...


#MeToo protestors are demanding that a large pink pussy hat be placed over the smokestack and a new line of bitter beers be introduced!!!

(Does this beer make my ass look vat?)

Anonymous said...

They had better get this shit taken care of because I need my Tank 7 and Single-Wide IPA to keep flowing. The only thing that bothers me about Boulevard is that they quit brewing Bully Porter. What a dumb move.

Clayton Bigsby said...

...along with Boss Tom's,but who needs beer when you have until midnight to score coke and crank in gender neutral shitters at Missie B's.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Sexual assault? Last week the allegations seemed to be unspecified sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Where did the sexual assault allegation come from?