Saturday, January 02, 2021

COVID Kills Kansas Paramedic

This tragic report is sweeping across the nation and features a healthy, active and selfless first responder killed by the pandemic.

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Edwardsville paramedic dies due to complications of COVID-19

EDWARDSVILLE, KS (KCTV) -- A paramedic with the Edwardsville Fire Department has died due to complications of COVID-19. The City of Edwardsville Professional Firefighters Association made the announcement on their Facebook page, saying they had been informed about the death of Jason Taylor on the morning of Jan. 1.


Anonymous said...

And granny gov, put herself in front of the line.

Same goes for mayor mcselfish, he probably doomed a front line line worker to jump to the front of the line, only because he’s a mayor that has no power to do anything in killer kc.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. People need to be careful. The Chinese govt could care less how many of us die. Protect yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Covid 19 is what the US gets for electing a minister of Goat Face Lucy (Lucifer) to be President. Trump picked a fight with China, and they kicked his orange racist butt.