Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Clay County Property Tax Double Take

Tax time on the nice side of the bridge takes a turn for the worse. Quick bit of reassurance that GOP dominated local government doesn't really function any more efficiently.

Check-it . . .

Clay County residents get charged twice for property taxes; glitch to blame

LIBERTY, Mo. - Many Clay County residents were shocked to discover a duplicate property tax payment debited from their accounts over the holiday weekend. After receiving hundreds of calls and emails Monday morning, Clay County officials tried to get to the bottom of why the issue occurred.


Unknown said...

Well, it sounds like they are trying to give the money back. Jackson County doesn't even try to do that.

Anonymous said...

It was not the County's fault, the Credit Card issuer screwed up and charged 11,000 of its cardholders twice. Tough on those who use Debit Cards.

I'd sure be asking if this was the ONLY charge that the Credit Card issuer ran twice if I were stupid enough to use a Credit card for small payments.

Anonymous said...

Jackson County just doubles the taxes.