Even skeptics can't deny it, today 12th & Oak scored a solid victory over the forces of nature by way of leveraging social media, tech and the resources of a billion dollar budget. 

However, some people just can't be pleased . . . 


Here's the word . . .

"The city wanted control of the trash pickup but today KC had 1 inch of snow . . . ONLY 1 inch!!! And now they can't pickup the trash.  

"Apparently, KCMO can't perform two essential services on the same day.   

"This only demonstrates the misplaced priorities of City Hall. They spend tax money on entertainment districts, convention centers, convention hotels, parking garages for luxury condos and apartments, toy trains, stadiums and subsidize under-performing TIF's . . . But when it comes for services for neighborhoods, their performance breaks down under the pressure of a few snowflakes." 

Accordingly . . .

Just so you don't think we're exaggerating . . . Check today's alert from city hall that offers a list of COMPREHENSIVE KCMO ADJUSTEMENTS for one inch of snow. 

Credit where it's due . . . The streets seem fine. 

But I'm not sure if the wind or snow plows cleared them.

Check-it . . .

Advisory: KCMO Snow Update & Operation Impacts - trash & recycling delayed

This latest blast of winter is testing our new snow plan that calls for more drivers, more plowing and more salting during every storm. As a result, other city services will be impacted as we strive to clear our streets.

With snow and ice in the forecast, KCMO is suspending all trash and recycling services for Wednesday, Jan. 27, so these drivers are available to plow snow. Over 160 employees from Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Solid Waste and KC Water will report Tuesday evening to salt and plow roads. This includes overnight shifts to residential routes, making neighborhood snow removal a 24-hour operation as part of our updated snow plan. On Wednesday, 190 employees will be on the roadways salting and plowing.

Impacts to trash, recycling and bulky item pickup include:

- No trash or recycling pick up on Wednesday
- If your trash day is normally Wednesday, your trash will be collected Thursday this week; normal Thursday collection will be on Friday and normal Friday collection will be on Saturday.
- If you scheduled a bulky item pick up this week, you may experience up to a three-day delay, due to personnel being directed to help with snow operations. However, please leave your items on the curb and it will be picked up by this weekend.

These impacts are necessary as part of our aggressive plan to improve snow removal services across the city.

Please remember to drive carefully, give yourself time to arrive at your destination and give our crews plenty of room to work.

Please park off-street if possible, or park on the north and west sides of neighborhood streets. Parking cars on only one side of residential streets will help plows clear your streets faster and more completely.


You decide . . . 


Anonymous said…
Hey now, you gotta take those Ws where you can get them.
Anonymous said…


I don't blame them for overreacting. The reals snow a couple of weeks ago totally caught them off guard and the snow blocked streets for days. Maybe a lot of blocks in hyde park un-passable.
Anonymous said…
Mayor McDrinkerson! Can you sober up for a few minutes to give the people an encouraging selfie? We know actual governance is for grownups.
Anonymous said…
^^Why should he Maude, you aren't sober, nor or you a grownup. You're just....sad. lonely too, but mostly sad.
Anonymous said…
3:19 You are a small pathetic bitter person aren’t you?
Anonymous said…
This is a major league and world class city. Keep telling yourself that KC.
Anonymous said…
Kansas City government is totally worthless.

Let the City go bankrupt like the Kansas City Star.

Make City Hall a homeless shelter and the IQ of City Hall will double.
Anonymous said…
3:19 is pathetic and happily unemployed, and he doesn't know how to punctuate a sentence worth a damn.
Anonymous said…
Put plows on the trash trucks dummy!
Anonymous said…
Super Dave said…
Over reaction that proves leadership failure in Kansas City. Nobody I know plows the streets for an inch of snow. Most commercial snowplowing contracts call for 2 plus inches before plowing. Now look at all the over time the city is going to be hit with for this lame brain totally unprofessional call.

3:54, large cities like New York do just that.
Byron Funkhouser said…
This isn't rocket science. Chances are that the existing plow mounts will bolt to the trash trucks. If not they can order mounts that will. KC loves to spend money anyway. It isn't hard to plow streets especially with everything closed down. They didn't need to plow anyway. All they needed to do was put down salt, cinder or ice melt/brine. Pull your heads out of your asses! Nobody is buying this lame excuse.
Anonymous said…
KCMO is a joke of a city!
Proud "Domestic Terrorist" said…
Other cities use their parks department trucks and have other city employees run snow removal. Kansas City could to the same thing. Maybe the morons in Kansas City should visit surrounding cities and see how their programs work. MoDOT and KsDOT have their engineers drive during snow. Try using your head for something other than selfies and a mask rack Quinton.
Anonymous said…

New City Manager implements changes to snow operations
Post Date:01/05/2021 10:41 AM


City Manager Brian Platt met with our snow operations team to evaluate our response to the New Year’s Day snowstorm and to create a more aggressive strategy to plow and salt during snowstorms.

"Through a smarter and more collaborative deployment of our already available resources, we will be able to deploy an additional 50 trucks and 100 drivers for all future snowstorms," said Platt, who spent New Year's Day observing and supporting the team plowing city streets. "We will create a larger, 24-hour plowing operation during storms."

To get there, we are making immediate changes that include:

increasing the amount of salting during storms
adding overnight shifts to residential routes
instituting a more aggressive approach to snow removal on residential streets
plowing multi-lane arterial streets with multiple trucks working in tandem to make sure the street is fully cleared on the first pass
assigning all available employees in solid waste and the water department to snow operations during every snow event
suspending trash and recycling during big storms to make those drivers available for snow plowing
deploying additional snow removal vehicles throughout snow removal operations
improving communication and coordination during snow operations
identifying additional municipal fleet vehicles that can be deployed for snow removal
“I thank our Public Works Department and city workforce for its dedicated efforts to treat our roads, bridges, and neighborhoods pre- and post-snowfall,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. “Still, we have significant work to do to ensure the City more quickly provides the services we’ve promised to our residents, and today we are enacting significant reforms to improve the delivery of these services, including deploying more snow response teams to work round-the-clock to clear our roads and sidewalks, and improving the treatment of residential streets in all neighborhoods so our roads don’t turn into sheets of ice days after the storm is over.

As we head deeper into winter months, Kansas City government will continue working to ensure our roads are plowed and safe for you and your family as you travel throughout our community.”

Next steps include buying another mini-plow to clear protected bike lanes, as well as adjusting staffing and maintenance work to support these improvements in our snowplowing operations.

During snowstorms, updates are posted on our snow operations page and on Twitter. Media questions about the City Manager's announcement can be directed to Chris Hernandez, City Communications Director, at 816-513-3474.
Anonymous said…
Kansas City could fuck up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Anonymous said…

KCMO Snow Program
Every city maintained street in KCMO is on a plow route. City snow routes are divided into two systems that we call the arterial program and residential program.

Arterial Program
Primary streets form the first system and receive a higher level of service since they carry major traffic throughout KCMO and interconnect our neighborhoods. This program includes:

Large dump trucks
Curb to curb plowing
10 foot (minimum) plow width
Plow and salt
Daytime/nighttime shifts
36 plow routes
Examples: Main Street, North Oak Trafficway, Holmes Street, Wornall Road and Barry Road are primary streets.
Residential Program
The second system is focused on residential snow routes that tend to be in neighborhoods and carry local traffic. We are working to enhance the residential snow removal program to include overnight plowing and additional salting. This program includes:

Smaller pickup trucks, plus larger trucks where possible
Daytime/nighttime shifts
A more aggressive approach to snow removal on neighborhood streets
7 1/2 foot plow width
Plowing and salting
67 plow routes
In the event of severe snow, cul-de-sacs and dead ends will be plowed after arterial, collector and through residential streets. This allows our crews to use their resources most effectively.

In total, the area to be plowed equates to approximately 6,000 lane miles of pavement.

Tracking our progress:
The City has installed GPS tracking systems that capture and report activity for City snow plows throughout the City in real-time. View our Snow Map for more info.

Who plows snow?
While snow removal is coordinated by the Public Works Department, it is a joint effort that also includes the Parks and Recreation, Solid Waste and KC Water departments. The Aviation Department handles snow removal at the Kansas City International Airport and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

What is a snow emergency?
In the event of severe snow, the City Manager may declare a Phase 1 or Phase 2 snow emergency (see ice and snow policy).

Phase 1: identifies a driving emergency, in which driving is prohibited for vehicles without snow tires or tire chains.
Phase 2: identifies a parking emergency, during which any vehicle parked on a snow route must be removed within two hours.
Citations can be issued to motorists who do not follow emergency conditions.
Parking during snowstorms:
When it snows, residents may be asked to park vehicles off-street when snow depths exceed two inches. Parking cars off-street greatly helps plows to better remove snow, especially in cul-de-sacs and dead end streets. If a vehicle must park on-street, we request the following parking practice:

On streets that run north/south, park vehicles on the west side of the street.
On streets that run east/west, park vehicles on the north side of the street.
Contacting 311 after a snowstorm:
Please wait until one day (at least 24 hours) after the snow stops falling before contacting 311 to report slick or missed streets. This allows snow removal crews adequate time to complete multiple passes on all of their assigned snow routes.
Anonymous said…
This falls under the category of BFD. First, so the city was overly cautions. Who cares? We were predicted to have up to four inches of snow. We didn't. So now we put our garbage out a day later. Why is this such an ordeal for some people? Will they die if they don't get their garbage picked up on the usual day?

Jeez, people. Be grateful we only got an inch of snow and deal with the one-day delay in garbage pickup, and if that's all you have to worry about, be extra grateful!
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…

With about 6,000 lane miles of roadway spread across a large area where snow and ice depth often varies considerably, managing and prioritizing clean up efforts is a challenge. The City’s current policy establishes different levels of operation in the event of snow and ice:

Level 1: In the event of a minor snow event and at the first sign of potentially significant snowfall, Public Works crews pre-treat arterial roads with anti-icing solution and perform minor plowing in key arterial and residential areas.

Level 2: A coordinated effort involving Public Works, KC Water, Solid Waste and Parks and Recreation crews who plow the City’s nearly 2,700 lane miles of arterial streets and roughly 3,300 lane miles of residential streets. Snow routes are put in effect and residents are urged to remove cars from residential streets to maintain access for motorists and snowplows.

Level 3: In the event of a blizzard, a snow emergency is declared. Personnel from all City departments are mobilized to plow snow. Some City services may be suspended during this time. Emergency routes are in effect and residents are urged to remove their cars from residential streets.

The removal of snow and ice accumulation on streets is prioritized by average vehicle usage. Trucks are dispatched on assigned routes to routinely plow arterial streets 24 hours a day.
Upgrades to the snow program in January 2021 will also add 24 hour plowing on residential (neighborhood) streets.
Throughout the winter, resource management requires not only providing a sufficient response, but making sure we are using our resources like salt and calcium chloride wisely--at the proper time and in the appropriate conditions. This ensures we have the right tools and materials when colder temperatures snow and ice removal more difficult and increase equipment breakdowns.
City crews use technological innovations to improve efficiency and safety during winter weather events. All snowplows are fitted with GPS devices, which allows the Snow Command to track plowing progress and redirect snowplows to key areas as needed.
Anonymous said…
Drive allwheel or 4 wheel drive vehicles, using caution and common sense (ha, ha) and there is little or NO need to plow and put down corrosive rust causing salt.
Anonymous said…
^^Because 4 wheel drive and all wheel drives are completely unaffected by ice right? You are one of the idiots that ends up in a guardrail or the median because the laws of physics do not apply to you.
Liberal moron said…
I've got a 4 wheel drive DERP!
Liberal moron said…
DERP! I need a napkin! Spilled my PBR again dammit!
Byron Funkhouser said…
Kansas City should resort to providing every citizen with a shovel and just get rid of the plows.
Anonymous said…
How effective are unplowed streets at keeping negroes confined to the ghetto? Asking for a friend.
Anonymous said…
How effective are unplowed streets at keeping negroes confined to the ghetto? Asking for a friend.
Anonymous said…
Quinton was disappointed it was only an inch. He was hoping for 8-10 inches.
Anonymous said…
Simple advice is to avoid down town Kansas City. Total shithole with feces, vomit, urine, and blood on the sidewalks and in the parking garages.

Potholed streets, dangerous homeless people with knives wandering around; many are deranged.

ANTIFA and BLM peaceful protesters attacking elderly people and families trying to shop or dine on the Plaza.

Racist Mayor and City Government. Total shithole like Detroit and Baltimore.
Anonymous said…
So the mayor and his Boy Friday activated snow plows during a snow forecast and are being praised for it? This is just like when some black kid graduates high school (something that is pretty much a given for white kids) and the media, etc make it sound like he/she is a gifted genius. Strange.
Anonymous said…
^ So if they turned over the engines in the snow plows, why were there 20 wrecks on Bruce Watkins Freeway because of icy conditions ?

Knowing how stupid the City of Kansas City government is, the snow plows were probably directed to stripe the lanes instead of spraying de-icer on the roads.
Anonymous said…
Parks does plow...so do engineers in the residential program
Anonymous said…
US-71 is MoDOT, not KCMO
Anonymous said…
Bri said…
Good one! Cheers!! 😂😂😂