BikeKC Reveals 2021 Plan To Ruin Streets

The mission of this local advocacy group continues; they seek to crack down on drivers, bolster their political influence, shut down neighborhood roads AND ruin the aesthetics of every boulevard in Kansas City with bike lane barriers that obscure views for everybody.

Check-it . . .

2021 Policy Platform

2020 was a challenging year on a number of fronts, but through it all, BikeWalkKC was able to adapt. We notched policy wins that were years in the making (and even on the fly) thanks to people like you who supported this work and took a stand for active living and vibrant neighborhoods.


Anonymous said…
906 nails it. This city gets more effed up every damn day. Important issues that affect ALL residents are ignored for all these stupid pet projects for special interest groups.
Hyperblogal said…
One good thing about the city being broke, is, theoretically this destruction of roadways can't happen.
Anonymous said…
Hyperblogal, I have to respectfully disagree. Since when has the city’s being broke prevented it from doing anything except silly projects like street repair or water main upgrades, etc.? There always seems to be enough money for the “important” stuff like new hotels, murals and bike lanes.
Anonymous said…
Bicycles and cars have lived in harmony for over a hundred years. What gives ? Are you snowflakes and BLM sympathizers too stupid to ride on the side of the road as your forefathers did ? Did being Woke break your common sense, rhetorical question of course it did.
Anonymous said…
Bike lanes need to be made on the highways.
Long concrete dividers should be erected to better protect cyclists as the KU ride to save the planet.
While Stimulus is handed out- the green new deal will include or should include new money to fund highway travel for bikes.
Let’s not stop there.
Special lanes should be erected for sket boarders as well.
Also special lanes are needed for pedestrians.
Also- people with allergies need special lanes.

While cars might get crowded up- it won’t matter as Biden killed tons of jobs with the keystone pipeline exec order
Mrs Biden ( Joe’s 2nd wife) needs to go back to mankind and ask herself:

Why is Joe having temper problems already?

Divorce him and save the a Catholic Church
Tab said…
Then make BikeKC pay the equivilant in taxes that car owners do to ride their bikes.Streets are made for cars.