Awaiting Kansas City Snowmageddon

Just a bit more MSM fear pr0n for those of us who like to keep up with local news.

Take a peek . . .

Some truck drivers around the metro delaying Friday trips ahead of winter storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Those who make a career on the roads are treating Friday's nasty weather very seriously. Some truck drivers say they are delaying Friday trips that would take them between Kansas City and Des Moines or Omaha. The real concern is for people traveling north of Kansas City.


  1. At least nothing will get stuck under the bridge today.

  2. 3 inches of snow is hardly snowmageddon T.

  3. Topeka Reader1/16/21, 3:01 AM

    8:25 AM 1/15/21 I believe Tony is using sarcasm in the headline of the story.


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