AMC Earns EPIC Reddit Bump That Totally Might Not Be Market Manipulation By Chinese-Backed Tech Company

File this one under fools and their money along with an American economy that's increasingly subject to China-supported social media hype that temporarily benefits this Chinese biz with a faux HQ near Kansas City.

Check-it . . .

AMC stock soars after Reddit users' effort to help struggling movie theater chain

AMC stock prices soared Wednesday after a group of investors on the social media platform Reddit vowed to save the struggling movie theater chain by buying up shares. The stock quadrupled in one day, but economics professors KMBC 9 spoke with say the boost is likely only temporary.Despite movie theaters largely sitting empty, AMC stocks skyrocketed more than 300% in one day.


  1. AMC theaters is owned by the Chinese along with several other chains and a bunch of Hollywood studios.

    I’m just shocked the Chinese are t trying to make us watch more propagandists films and tv shows, with chyna joe at the helm look for it to come sooner rather than later. Resist!

  2. It'll be back to earth Friday. With a good shearing of all the overly exuberant along the way.

  3. as I posted earlier today:

    TKC posted an article on AMC a few days ago ..checked it out, despite the grotesque pic of their jew CEO ..interesting article..I loaded up on some shares of AMC yesterday..right $5 buy is up 9..183% ..Cha-ching! Thks, TKC!

    1/27/21, 11:34 AM was up around 19 ..when I thought about out around .. nice, tidy little 1-day profit.

  4. ^^^^ Day trading is for chumps.

  5. ^^^ jealous loser

  6. Never gone to AMC theater since the Chi-Com's bought the chain.

  7. Overpriced movies with overpriced concessions in dirty theaters don't interest me.

  8. But Alec Baldwin and his fake Mexican wife, and Robert De Niro and other Commies demand you watch and admire them.

  9. Several overnight Chinese millionaires. So easy to make money off of US. Careful with that ax Eugene!


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