Thursday, December 24, 2020

Will X-Mas Family Time Kill Kansas City?!?

Locally, we didn't see the Thanksgiving COVID-19 spike that health officials worried about but other parts of the nation did, in fact, confront a DEADLY uptick. 

Either way, KCI and a lot of other places are crowded today.

And so we encourage locals to use their BEST JUDGEMENT according to their own very specific health needs along with care & consideration for others.

While many stay home for Christmas, thousands still expected to travel throughout KC area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is begging people to stay home this year in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Still, thousands of people in the metro are planning to travel over the Christmas holiday weekend. Kansas City International Airport said they're expecting about 100,000 travelers.


Anonymous said...

Remember what Dr Fauci aka Dr Demento said? He said; if you went out and gathered at Thanksgiving you have the virus. It didn't happen, so don't let these global terrorists scare you. Go to your destination and have a Merry Christmas and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Anonymous said...

Party on dudes!

Alpinista said...

1:44, you are an idiot. The doctors are NOT global terrorists.

There was a post Thanksgiving spike as Tony pointed out in the text.

You are the reason Christianity is on the decline, & Jesus was NOT born on Saturnalia.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Byron.

Anonymous said...

People stayed home.

It worked.

Get it?

MDSF said...

...jesus IS the disease of the season!!!
Why did god give us this "gift" of the season?
...'cause 'he' loves us?....right?
speak up 'xtians''s your lie...


Anonymous said...

Eat shit and go to Hell, pagan filth.