Wichita Is Shakin' On Saturday

Not quite a local link but some denizens of our blog community claim they can feel the rumbles as more fracking quakes confront Kansas.

Check-it . . .

Wichita hit with multiple earthquakes

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - The Kansas Geological Survey has confirmed at least three different earthquakes have shaken Wichita since 11:42 am on Saturday. All three of these earthquakes are located in E. Wichita near 13th St. The first earthquake reported was a 3.0 magnitude, followed by a 2.9 magnitude shake at 12:40 pm and then [...]


  1. They don't feel squat they just have to lie to gain 2 seconds of attention. I have been sitting here on a concrete slab on ground level at a complex in south Johnson county on duty monitoring traffic in a steel hard ass office chair and felt nothing.

    Other regions of the country have these mini shakes and three miles away the locals didn't even know it took place.

    I have felt things before and head to the U.S. Geological Survey to find out nothing happened. I work close to a operating quarry where they blast almost every week and will hear that blast and feel not a thing. Unless it's a decent size earthquake people unless right beside it won't fell it the media just makes them think they did.

    1. ^^^

      Thank you for sharing your horrible life with us!

  2. Fracking should be banned.

  3. Biggest bang since George Tiller got his brains blown out.

  4. 2:39 thanks for sharing what a twat you are.

  5. AOC will make sure this stops. $6.00 gal gas, but she doesn't drive do no big deal.


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