Wanna Buy Kansas City South Side Library?

Teachable moment about the fate of books, learning and public spaces in this post-COVID society . . . Here's a former home to many local scholars now available to the highest bidder.

Check-it . . .

Former Red Bridge Library building up for sale

"We hope that it is repurposed for a tenant that will build on the momentum of Red Bridge Shopping Center and continue to improve the tenant mix."


  1. Ummmm, they built a bugger and better library next door to it.

  2. bugger library. I want to go there!

  3. It would make a damn fine whore house. Doubtful the city could manage it and turn a profit even with a dozen Shriner conventions back to back.

  4. Libraries are done. So are conventions. We will never completely go back to the old ways.

    This current plague will never completely leave us. Leprosy, typhoid, polio, HIV, syphilis, even the bubonic plague is still with us. Through vaccinations we have kept these at bay, but Republicans aren't the only science deniers in the world. If you try to give a polio vaccine to children in Afghanistan or Pakistan, the Taliban will try to kill you. They kill girls for trying to go to Elementary School.

    There will always be enough people who refuse to be vaccinated, because of conspiracy fueled fears, or religious ignorance.

  5. Alpinista, if they close all the libraries where will all the homeless go to masturbate? Sounds crazy? Ask local cops if they ever been called to the library before.

    The building will probably be turned into a bar and then closed a short time later due to violence. I also do Tarot card readings.


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