Upstart Kansas City Biz Suffers Break-In

Bad news continues for local entrepreneurs as desperation on Kansas City streets worsens and criminals target small biz that's already burdened by unfriendly governance from city hall. 

Check-it . . .

Young business owner is devastated by a weekend burglary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 22-year-old Kansas City business owner Tanner McKenzie was devastated Saturday when he visited his CBD store Green Mission KC and found it empty. Thieves smashed the glass front doors with rocks and emptied the shelves. "Roughly about $10,000 in retail and $5000 in damage," is what McKenzie says, he will have [...]


  1. Poor guy, he just learned a real hard lesson about opening a business in kc, he won’t make that mistake again and will take his business to another city.

    Nothing is safe in kc, his store or Christmas decorations getting run over in a shoot out, no wonder we’re the 5th most dangerous city in the world.

    I’m betting Mogadishu is safer this this third world shithole city is.


  2. We all know who did this and we all know who supports this. It's the Mayor and his cohorts in the city. This kid probably saved every dime he had to open a local business which is what the mayor wanted, but because he is a young white guy the black people get jealous of that and they have to take it away. You can bet the mayor and Cleaver were behind this. Cleaver even burnt down Derks house. Don't think for a minute that Lucas and Cleaver didn't support the riots on the Plaza. They knew bricks were delivered. This was a planned attack and city officials were in on it. I guess it's time to contact the necessary people again and tell them we have a problem in KC with black city officials that are terrorists. This needs to stop. Lucas and Cleaver need to be investigated.

  3. Now he will learn the painful lesson that KCPD and Jackson County Prosecutors Office are weak on property crime. And if they find the thug, he will probably receive a slap on the wrist. He will find that Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, but his does not.


    "The grass is always greener on the other side of the padlocked door."


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