Unemployed Kansas City Doesn't Need Suits

Sign of the times given that the suit is an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age not only because this town is blue collar and out of work but also because the local elite prefer biz casual when they feign street cred.

Check the end of an era . . .

Plaza clothing store closing after 40 years, owners looking forward to retirement

A clothing store on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza is closing its doors after four decades in business. Owners Jackson Ring and Trent Slusher said Pinstripes will close Dec. 31.Ring and Slusher said in a statement that the closure is so they can enjoy the fruits of their labors.


  1. Bye. They have been peddling grossly overpriced China made junk on the Plaza for years, go home and spend your money

  2. ^^^ um. Sorry broke-ass. You obviously don't know this place. One of the few outlets where you can buy a bespoke suit.

    Don't let your "broke" show. You're embarrassing yourself @9:56.

  3. Suits are no longer in style. Go to a Catholic mass. See if anyone in the audience wears a suit. Answer is NO.

  4. I always look to Catholic mass as a harbinger of current and futuare fashion trends.

    Folks from LA and NY come to the midwest several times a year to attend KC catholic mass and see what they'll be selling on the coasts in the future.

  5. ^^^
    This explains why mass is always so crowded.

  6. 9:58 $100,000 per year in retirement income doesn't equal broke my good sir.

  7. 10:12 is just some lazy ass that tries to justify fitting in with the shit herd.

  8. I threw my business uniform away when I was done working.

    My ties & my dress shoes, too.

    Blue jeans & flannel shirts are my uniform, now.


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