Toast Martini Corner Vaporware Good Life!!!

Amid the COVID economic depression, local developers have commissioned a great many drawings to offer the public a bit of hope and the illusion of work in progress. 

Here's one example that might or might not make this town's 2nd best bar scene even better . . . Check-it . . .

Developer will serve up 163 luxury apartments at Martini Corner - Kansas City Business Journal

Access to eateries, bars and entertainment will be sure to leave future residents of an up-and-coming Martini Corner luxury apartment development raising their glasses. Garrison Cos. and MW Cos., led by longtime Kansas City developer Gary Hassenflu, are advancing a $32 million project, The Levy at Martini Corner, for the northeast corner of Gillham Road and 31st Street in Kansas City.


  1. Fine, as long at the Developer gets no money from the City taxpayers.

  2. How does our 12 dollar an hour economy support this ?

  3. That is one butt ugly attempt at architecture. They must have hired Frank Lloyd Shite.


  4. Looks like Section 8 Housing with a swimming pool.


  5. Hopefully tax dollars are not involved.

    That is a really, really high crime area.

    Would not want to live there as very unsafe.

  6. I am a basically a criminal and I want to live there but it looks like a suburban retirement home. I want to fuck my sluts there and have a safe place to relax and smoke marijuana and drink. It looks too elderly though.

  7. That kind of development is too large for that corner. That intersection will be a nightmare. Booooooooooo!

  8. Charlie Horse is sure right about the "architecture".
    But all the new "luxury apartments" look about the same.
    I was wondering where all the Soviet architects went after the Soviet Union collapsed.
    Or maybe from Germany after the demise of the Third Reich.

  9. I'm a black female council member, and if I play my cards just right, I think I can live there rent free, due to white privilege.


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