TKC FIRST: Animal Control Takeover Sparks Kansas City Privatization Trend

This cute story deserves consideration for locals who watch municipal matters closely . . . As KCMO struggles to keep up with costs, selling off local services will become an viable option. Sadly, City Hall took a loss on this deal but other departments now confront the chopping block.

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Kansas City, Missouri Animal Control now in hands of KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project has taken over animal control duties for Kansas City, Missouri."We have officers out in the field every day," said Tori Fugate, of KC Pet Project.It's been one week, and so far, so good says KC Pet Project after taking over the contract."Residents will be able to dial


  1. Good on them ..K C Pet Project is a well-run, caring, provider..

    got it away from KC's fuk-ups!

  2. Yup. The more KCMO privatizes, the better.

  3. Would be fine if sales and e-tax money went to pay private firms who would provide superior service.

    Problem, of course, there's no money left after BLM run shitty takes their cut (100%).


  4. Well in Central Hyde Park there a couple who have different dogs every month or so. They don't have two nickles to rub together but live in a big house with two nice cars. What are they doing with those dogs? I never see them in the grocery stores. Where are all of those dogs going?

  5. I know those folks. I notice they do pant a lot and seem to want to chase cars.

  6. This will turn into a ginormous shit show very soon. Just wait until one of these "officers" pisses someone off. They'll be calling KCPD to come and clean up their mess. Just another huge mistake and idiotic decision by our city "leaders".

  7. Dog catcher is over KCPD's head, they will just have to shoot the damn thing


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