The latest victory from Mayor Q is tenuous at best and now right-wingers are looking to challenge the sketchy municipal move. 

Mayor Q seemed hopeful about the legislation . . .

"This ordinance would require all quasi-governmental agencies that receive 25% or more of their funding from the City to move towards paying their workforce $15/hour minimum."

Of course it passed.

To be fair, it really seems like more of a local vendor priority and a "barely legal" way snubbing Jeff City rules. 

A local politico seems to disagree. 

Here's the word . . .

"If not by letter, then by practice, this ordinance violates 2015's Missouri House Bill 722 which prohibits local laws increasing the minimum wage."

Fun fact, that law also opposes banning plastic bags. 

Nevertheless . . . Former Mayor Sly challenged Missouri standing on setting minimum wage (now 8.60 USD per hour) and was ultimately forced to relent.

More . . . 

"Circumventing this law by drawing up separate local agreements places KCMO at risk of reprisal and on shaky ground. Anyone doing business with the city has the right to dispute this ordinance and that's what we're looking into now."    

For now the fight is nothing more than chest-thumping but in the coming weeks debates over money will get more serious. 

The punchline here is that 15 bucks an hour isn't really a livable wage

Developing . . .


  1. Hey now, mayor Quinton Lucas lectures on the law. He knows his stuff.

    I trust him!

    1. ^^^

      Yeah, but you're an idiot.

  2. Professor McDrinkerson! Businesses have to be open to be able to pay your economically-ignorant minimum wage!

    So work on that.

  3. Pay people A LIVING wage. By time they get there water bill there check is gone .I had a client say every one that applies for a job wants 50 thousand dollars a year. But the Business Owner would not work for less then 50.

  4. This mayor needs to resign, he doesn’t even understand the concept of law regardless of his law degree from EBay!,

  5. Seriously, is he mentally challenged or something?

    Or is it that since the city is subsidizing these businesses does that mean the taxpayers, our tax money for streets, water and everything else is paying for it?

  6. Jared Kushner can set up and run a "Shell Company" that takes HALF of all the Donations ($670+ Million) made to Trump's re-Election Campaign and distribute it to Trump and members of his Family, and "Conservatives" have no problem with that at all, but try to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. and they have a shit fit!

    Guess we all now know where the "Con" in "Conservative" originated, don't we?

  7. Do people really think that entry level positions should pay as much as the owner of the company?
    Well, I don't.

    1. The owner of the company only clears $2,000 a month? I doubt that...

  8. With all of these lawyers at City Hall and at the County courthouse, it would be nice if any of them actually knew the law.

  9. I had 6 different transactions today. All were messed up by a different company / businesses and unrelated industry employees. Including a $55 mess up on a $6 transaction and a $32 mess up on about $10 bucks. I know if I was an employer, I would want to pay these people $15 an hour. Recently I had an employee Mess up $11,000 in my favor. 15 goes into $11,000.00 many times. Their business better be glad I'm honest and recognize what their employees could not. I never want to own a business again. I just provided you reasons why. I feel sorry for anyone trying to make a buck with this labor force. I haven't had anyone count my change back in about 4 years. mostly because they are unable to. Loop back to the 6 mistakes today.

  10. $15 per hour is more than enough. I was at DST Systems. Had 4 year business degree, travelled to visit mutual fund clients, worked late, had oncall duty, trained new staff, had to entertain clients after hours at dining establishment without overtime.

    I made $7 per hour. That was the early 1990's. Nobody in my dept made $15 hr.

  11. I worked as a private Contractor for DTC in the early 1990s, developing PC applications that their IT could not provide through the Mainframe.
    I billed $33/hr. for the eight months I was there - no wonder they kept trying to hire me, I had no idea that anyone would work at a place that screwed up for less that $15/hr., that was the standard rate for any tech-savvy Office Staff then.

  12. In brighter news today is the anniversery of the end ofthe Dim0crats asian Internment camps of WW2

  13. No one of quality works for minimum wage anyway, it's for kids, felons and retards. If you're too ignorant or unwilling to get some fucking job skills that actually make your worth more then doom on you.

  14. Just raising the wages to $15.00 across the board like that is not good for several reasons. Many job duties/skills are lower than $15.00 per hour, it is a disincentive for people with low job skills to ever go for more training and skill improvement, it is not fair to many other workers who have completed skill training and had to work themselves up to that wage, and it is not fair to the employers who will likely pass the additional labor cost on the the consumers.

  15. I have a hot 18 year old girl working for me. I won’t mind paying her $15/hr. I will have to figure out the math on it, like how many times 40 goes into 18.

  16. DST Inc had many people working for below $20,000 per year (10/hr). When wages went up around town, those people quickly left. DST could not find replacements, they went downhill and had to sell themselves to a competitor (who paid much better). There were skilled Mutual Fund liasons who were very knowledgeable about securities and the industry - who left to work at McDonalds or the YMCA for higher wages than DST offered. Of course the DST H.R. executive walked away with over $30,000,000.00 in executive comp and deferred comp and options and bonus awards. For doing H.R. work?????


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