Friday, December 18, 2020

The Longest Night: Kansas City Faith Community Prays For Murder Victims And Families Amid Record Breaking Violence

A tragic local tradition continues as Kansas City killing reaches historic proportions. Here is testimony, tribute and perspective on this event . . . 

The Longest Night 2020

Additional murders in the last couple of days continues to build on record year of homicides in Kansas City, MO. One of these crosses includes a four-year-old child and a one-year-old child and each cross represents a family who is experiencing incredible loss at Christmas. People are often quick to criticize candle light prayer vigils as pointless and meaningless. But if it’s your family member and the community comes around you and tells you you’re not forgotten and we care about you - trust me it’s not pointless and it’s not meaningless.

Monday night December 21 is the longest night of the year and we will gather with the family and friends of murder victims and let them know they are not forgotten. We will gather at the Wornall Rd., Baptist Church 400 W. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City at 7 PM. We will maintain social distancing and masks are required. Families of the victims will have priority seating if need be we will be able to seat people in an overflow area with video feed. The event will also be carried on live stream.

We pray for and care for first responders who have to deal on a daily basis with horrendous things that they encounter. And we will pray for the victims families as well as the police who seek to protect us.  And we will pray for ourselves that we will be more involved in our communities, that we will care more about people and that we will be engaged in making the city a better city.


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