Show-Me Weed Gummies On The Way

Today's example that the battle against weed in the so-called "drug war" has been lost as increasingly broke-ass local government will be more than happy to collect "medical" marijuana revenue.

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First edibles in Missouri to be sold this week - Greenway Magazine

CLOVR announced Tuesday that medical marijuana edibles will be in every dispensary across Missouri by the end of this week. The demand for medical marijuana-infused edible products has grown exponentially since the legalization of medical marijuana by Missouri last year. The edibles delivered this week include 100 mg units of Wana and Robhots gummies and 200 mg, non-carbonated, Keef beverages.


  1. Quinton Lucas should love this he is a drug addict and an alcoholic. He's gay too. His dysfunctional parents should be so proud. Oh wait, they are too stupid to know any better being dead beat parents and all, You know raising a thug who gets to lead a city of thugs to kill steal and destroy.

  2. ^^OK Maude. Your diaper's full. Time to change it.


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