Show-Me Weed Game Unfairness

OR . . . Class-differences continue despite cannabis reform. 

Check-it . . .

Haves, have-nots of Missouri cannabis industry in conflict as dispensaries open

JEFFERSON CITY - While scores of would-be entrepreneurs sit out, barred from participating in Missouri's medical marijuana program, a select number of cannabis businesses are racing to cash in on the state's newest industry. The Department of Health and Senior Services, as of Friday, had cleared 17 dispensaries to open their doors, as well as 11 cultivators and one manufacturer of cannabis-infused products.


  1. Kolored people thaought they could just waltz right in and get a license for selling and growing dope, the state said you must have $175,000 to start a business and some black lady said on tv that the government should pay for everything so she could open a business.

    Kolored people are so....

  2. ^^OK Boomer. Hey look, Matlock is on!

  3. What a asshat...when you have to call someone Boomer for your argument. I bet you have a ton of student loan debt


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