Reality . . . The American economy DESPERATELY needs another round of stimulus and this is bringing together Senators from across partisan lines in a move that should remind everyone that bitter social media political rhetoric forgets that Republicans & Democrats are AMERICANS first.

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Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders Demand Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus Checks

On Thursday, Vermont independent Bernie Sanders and Missouri Republican Josh Hawley came together in the Senate to demand a second round of $1,200 coronavirus-relief checks, a rare point of agreement between the nation's foremost progressive senator and its foremost faux-populist.


  1. LOL!! Democrat Bernie a "progressive"

    while Repub Hawley is a "faux-populist"

    typical uber- liberal MSM slanted, bigoted bullshit.

  2. Notice how "officials" continually keep pushing back the "return to normal" date?

    In Spring 2020, it was all about "just wait for the vaccine" and we have to impose these restrictions to prevent a "2nd wave in the Fall."

    Over Summer 2020, it was "the big cities have peaked, but now the rural Midwest/Great Plains are peaking" so we have to keep these restrictions in place.

    In Fall 2020, right on schedule, the "2nd wave" appeared after a massive push to do widespread testing. Testing which is purposely done incorrectly to produce large numbers of false positives. Corporate media has been fully onboard from the beginning, pushing the FEAR agenda with heavy emphasis on the number of "Cases" (which is meaningless) and blatant propaganda about how the virus targets people of color, the importance of mask-wearing, virus activity increases after 10PM, and the virus likes to hang out in bars/restaurants but not in football stadiums with thousands of people packed in.

    Heading into year-end 2020, we're told that most Americans can be vaccinated by July 2021, but the NY Times warns that it still won't be safe because the virus mutates and people can catch it multiple times.

    Now today, we learn that Bill Gates is prognosticating that things won't be back to normal until mid-2022! Ordinarily we might not pay attention to the non-doctor, non-scientist, but seeing as how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise (Event 201) in October 2019, which has eerily come true, this PLANDEMIC is likely to go on for another 18 months. Sheeple, are you ready to surrender yet?

  3. Let's get this done, way to reach across the isle and work with the other party

    1. They're on an island, 7:56? Those bastards! They should get back to Washington at once!

      (It's aisle, you dimwit)

  4. If I was Hawley, I’d try to get into AOC’s panties.

  5. Especially when you're abandoning a sinking ship and the other side is floating along just fine.
    Maybe the Democrats will give Lil Joshie a job in his hometown so he'll never have to set foot outside of Washington again.

  6. This is the way it's supposed to be: Everyone working together toward the common goal of solving the biggest problems facing the American People.

    I applaud Hswley (I find myself surprised to say) for the courage to work with Sanders.

  7. @8:05, I don't think they'd fit him, AOC is too macho, and has a much higher testosterone level than Lil' Joshie has, they'd probably drop around his ankles as soon as he pulled them on.

  8. @10:09, it isn't courage, it's desperation!
    Hawley is hoping that standing with the angels will somehow disguise the stench of Trump's butt emanating from Josh's nose these days.


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