Show-Me Fight To Cancel COVID Christmas

Guv Parson doubles down on his 2020 holiday message that pushes back against public health warnings and talk show guidance.  

Check-it . . .

Parson: "Government has no business" trying to mandate holiday gatherings

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- While some health experts and government officials nationally are trying to discourage large public gatherings for the holidays, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said his state will not go in that direction. "Christmas is coming and as Governor of the State of Missouri, I am not going to mandate who goes in the front door of you home," Parson said.


  1. It's not a mandate, you dummy.

    It's a recommendation from people a lot smarter than you.

    Your cowardice is not leadership. Where is your concern? You are the governor, & you're ranting about what the government can & cannot do. If you don't believe in government, then get out.

    Good God, you're fucking stupid.

  2. And Parsons has no business being Gov. He's another loser that the stupid white folks voted into office. Then you dummies sit around complaining about how screwed this state is. Sad

  3. Less Government shouldn't mean less people educated and trained in government service

  4. We don’t want to big government who to eat or sleep. He is right.

  5. So we should do away with all occupancy rules? The fire department has such for a reason.

  6. A Minnesota state senator who recently contracted COVID-19 died Friday of complications from the disease. First-term Republican Sen. Jerry Relph tested positive for the virus after having close contact with an infected colleague, the Star Tribune reported. Relph began quarantining on Nov. 10. He had attended a post-election party recently. Then became ill.

  7. The Governor is correct.

  8. Fuck you government nanny state cheerleaders! Are you people that stupid that you have to have someone tell you what to do about everything? At what point will you reach adulthood?


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