Show-Me Dirty Missouri

As we prep to endure another season of tumultuous weather, here's a glimpse at another red state "fight for the planet" against the incoming administration . . . And probably AOC.

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Missouri among states expected to fight forced utility emissions cuts under Biden climate agenda

The states' lawsuit reached the Supreme Court, which stayed implementation of the CPP in 2016. Outgoing President Donald Trump's administration proposed rescinding the policy in 2017, a move that was finalized last year.


  1. This is who the country (supposedly) voted for. Enjoy !

  2. Everyplace except Kansas City and St Louis did. We will enjoy you can continue to cry like a baby.

  3. ^^^ Obviously you have never built any infrastructure nor have any type of basic education or ability to use common sense. Did you use solar power to post your ignorance ? You are as clueless as AOC or your new leader. Believe that they will also make highways paved with friction powered THC dispensing capabilities ? Please show us the new Green Deal, do not use any nonacceptable system form this point out.

  4. You all are crying about the rent right now but lets remember who was in office with $4 a gallon gas, yep loony toon corrupt BIDEN.

  5. Biden says he will save us from the Great Depression like he did 11 years ago LOL!

  6. Tomorrow he will tell us how he killed Hitler.


  7. Holy Shit!!! tuned in to catch the super-hot, talented blonde Rockettes dancers on TV tonite..and the middle..they had some NIGGER clomping around!

    the Dems have truly ruined EVERYTHING!


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