Like it or not, Mayor Q renewed his commitment to KC TENANTS and joins voices across the nation in outcry for a national eviction ban.

Check-it . . .

KSHB: Lucas asks Jackson County judge to extend, expand eviction moratorium

Deets . . .

Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas called on the Jackson County Circuit Court to extend and expand a moratorium on evictions in a letter Tuesday sent to the county’s presiding judge.

Lucas asked Presiding Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit J. Dale Youngs to halt “all filings, hearings, writs, enforcement, and garnishments, with narrow exceptions” through the end of June 2021 “as a matter of public health.”

For context, here's the big picture argument and talking points for the stimulus debate . . .

'The most lopsided economic event imaginable': Wave of evictions threatens Black, Latino tenants

Money line and, to be fair, let's not deny that a great many poor whites also are in danger of getting booted into the street amid Winter . . .

"As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the nation, it is exacerbating long-existing racial disparities in housing — and those disparities mean that ultimately, even more people could get sick.

"The expiration of the federal eviction ban at the end of the month will disproportionately hurt Black and Latino tenants, financially hobbling them for years and ensuring that the United States’ staggering racial wealth gap won’t narrow anytime soon."

And so . . .


A perspective on what's this move REALLY means . . . 

An eviction ban into next year would pretty much financially decimate any small time property owner and the unpaid rent would surge beyond a point attainable by low-income tenants - The cash will NEVER be made up and the eviction ban threatens to spark an economic shift that fundamentally changes the American housing market. What we're really talking about is a federal housing takeover.

We could use scary words like "socialism" but that ignores other industries like the airlines which basically operate under a heavily subsidized, regulated and federalized model but still provide profits to stockholders.

Basically, Mayor Q is offering Kansas City a preview of an American low-income housing buyout that will transform property rights in the United States. 

To be fair to the mayor and his scribbling . . . He's just taking orders. 

Remember that we've warned readers, COVID-19 has radically changed the world in which we live and the transformation won't be remedied by a vaccine. 

The pandemic now impacts property and how Americans will live in the future.

Developing . . .


  1. Don't worry about the word socialism. Basically every Western nation in the world uses it.

    The "market" you're opining about, and one which you don't really understand is the same one China uses.

    1. Can't really disagree with you there.

  2. Not Cueballs place to do so!


  3. I have to agree most people are too stupid to understand what is going on.

  4. While he's at it, could he ask the judges to sentence murderers to prison and not probation?

  5. Mayor: Can we have a City property tax strike?

  6. ^^^ how about a water bill strike!

    He’s asking businesses to give up money so why doesn’t he follow his own advice, it’s called lead by example.

  7. Apparently, kneely selfies smiley Lucas didn't take an elective economics courses when he was working on his Ivy League law degree.
    Where does he think money comes from in a capitalist economy?
    Does he even know where HIS check comes from?
    Clueless childish pandering trying to pass for leadership.
    Someone call CNN!

  8. Q should be providing free going out of business signs and paying for everyone's bankruptcy.

    We luv you Q, from Xi and Bezos.

  9. "To be fair to the mayor and his scribbling . . . He's just taking orders."


  10. Certainly no economics professor is Professor McDrinkerson, who has found a new group to pander to.


  11. Check out the jeepers creeper standing behind Q ball. Tthey sure are stronger together. They are strong enough to tear down an entire city statues and all. As long as they aren't next door to me I'm good.

  12. I'm on Social Security, I have a guaranteed income. It's often derided as fixed, but it is guaranteed. I don't receive a lot; my January check will be $1,003. But, I pay my rent, $525 a month first, & my landlord, who's really a poor Senior Citizen himself, doesn't have to worry about my ability to pay.

    Every American Citizen should receive a basic income of !,000 a month. No one (child) should be homeless, or hungry. Is this socialism. I don't care, why do you?

    Racism is the reason we have a poor social safely net in this country. Some Whites don't want to give anything to Blacks, not even food for the children. This has to end.

    The Pandemic & Global Climate Change are world problems, that require a world solution. Not only are we hindered by the Vanity of Nations, but we are hindered by racial injustices. We are prisoners of our own history.

    We can't work together, so how can we expect to work with other nations.

    If you look at the faces of the current administration, you would think this country was about 95% White & about 85% Male. Of course, that isn't so. It will become less so by the day.

    If we keep denying science, we will die.

  13. "Them damn Socialist Commies better keep their damn hands off my Social Security and Medicare!"
    (Every Republican over forty)
    (Forty years, not forty IQ, there are very few of those)

  14. He should demand a property tax strike as well. It's only fair.

  15. 9:45 - while I'm sorry that's all you get monthly keep in mind what you're asking for for others will raise income tax, not on the rich but people who are middle income to low income.

    The U.S. was not founded on nor should we (U.S.) be responsible for giving out other peoples money. So many people get tired, myself included, of being held accountable for everyone else.

    The U.S. and the majority of it's population are the most giving people in the world. But there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough.

    Tell me where is that line. I would suggest we passed it years ago and we have politicians/activists that continue to push for more. It has to stop!!

  16. Can we also get a credit card bill strike?

    Visa give me da holiday blues!

  17. “Some Whites don't want to give anything to Blacks, not even food for the children. This has to end.”

    The real question here is why don’t blacks give or help their own people, when blacks start helping supply food and money to their own people then we can talk. This has to end.

    What really needs to end is the families of blacks that do nothing but suck off of the government tit and have been for generations. This has to end.

    We are sick and tired of paying for free loaders that think that just because they’re black that everybody else has to take care of them. This has to end.

  18. 9:45 - Those of us that work fork over 50% of our income to the government in taxes.

    We work our asses off 40+ hours a week, pay the below taxes, we donate to charities and pay for our own health insurance.

    Most of us have worked two jobs at once sometime during our career to make ends meet and we did not ask nor take one dime of welfare because we have pride and a work ethic.

    9:45, how much did you contribute to charities or pay in taxes over your lifetime since you called us racists for working and earning money?

    9:45; instead of calling working Americans racist, you should be questioning why 70 cents of every tax dollar goes to pay bureaucrat salaries and outrageous pension plans that allow them to retire at age 50.

    9:45, you should also question why Democrat Mayors like Lucas give billionaire Clark Hunt $250 million in Jackson County taxpayer dollars.

    Where WORKING Americans income goes:

    Federal Income Tax
    State Income Tax
    Real Estate Property Tax
    Automobile Property Tax
    Sales Tax
    KC Earnings Tax

    So 9:45, you can stick your racist comment up your fat, lazy ass.

  19. “Some Whites don't want to give anything to Blacks, not even food for the children. This has to end.”

    Better question for 9:45, is how come Asians and Hispanics immigrate to American and sustain their own families and prosper? It's because they work their asses off.

    People from Africa who immigrate to America also work their asses off and do well.

  20. Record number of homicides until "mayor" lucas. Keep digging deeper KC. You idiots.


  21. 9:45-- if you look at the current local administration, mayor, county exec,'d think KC was 100% black.


  22. A man gets on a bus, and ends up sitting next to a very attractive nun. Enamored with her, he asks if he can have sex with her. Naturally, she says no, and gets off the bus. The man goes to the bus driver and asks him if he knows of a way for him to have sex with the nun.

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    “Ha, ha! I’m the man from the bus!”

    “Ha, ha!” says the nun, removing her costume. “I’m the bus driver!”


    Is that a knee slapper or not ! I laugh my ass off every time I tell this joke.

    Best Regards,

    China Joe Biden


  23. Democrats lookin' to scam yet Mo' Free Stuff!

  24. Qball is just solidifying his voting base, so he can get re-elected.

  25. Who does the mayor propose pay the mortgage of the property owners. How about a moratorium the E tax?

  26. How is it that black children sit in the same classroom as white children, but somehow don't receive an equivalent education? How is it that blacks don't apply for available jobs and complain that there are no jobs? How is it that blacks think whites are all rich and racist when most whites are living paycheck to paycheck and working for what they have and don't care about your skin color? Most whites judge others by the content of their character rather than color. There are trash whites and there are trash blacks. They are equally a waste of oxygen.

  27. Quinton Lucas = Lame law lecturer

    Lucas is willing to throw landlords under the bus because he gets his money from those building new construction.

    New luxury construction.

    Non-resident developers.

    Quinton panders to the urban core, but parties with the suburban wealthy class. The folks he went to school with, the ones who fuel his campaign coffers, the ones who call him for favors, the ones who tell him how high to jump.

    Ryan Cronk Indianapolis IN Flaherty and Collins Properties -- VP Development 2/3/2020 3,150.00 3,150.00
    Jerry Collins Noblesville IN Flaherty and Collins Properties -- Developer
    2/4/2020 3,150.00 3,150.00
    Lindsey Flaherty Indianapolis IN Flaherty and Collins Properties -- Developer
    2/6/2020 2,000.00 2,000.00
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  29. 10:31 - I'd really like to see your math that gets you to 50%. Either you're doing it wrong or your accountant is doing it wrong. And those local taxes you lump in there like auto and real estate go towards schools and roads and such. Not entitlement programs which is drop in the bucket of most budgets.

    And where do you get 70 cents of every dollar going to bureaucratic salaries? Have you seen a federal budget? Do you know how to read a federal budget. I can tell you this in no uncertain terms....the vast majority of your tax dollars are going to military.


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