Monday, December 21, 2020


Ridership for the toy train has plummeted since the pandemic and locals are too scared of COVID-19 to risk a downtown jaunt in order to enjoy overpriced drinks.

However . . . 

New designs offer a glimpse at the end game of the Kansas City toy train.


Don't get it twisted . . . This idea actually makes sense given that vice & gambling have always funded this town's construction game.

Still, the streetcar transforming into a glorified casino shuttle in the midst of the COVID economic depression isn't exactly an optimistic vision of the future and certainly makes it clear that advocates of the controversial light rail scheme were never out to save the world.

Of course there's risk that comes with this plan . . . A few casinos have been forced to declare bankruptcy and shut down or sell out in recent years . . . Still, the number of cowtown gambling dens that rolled "snake eyes" isn't anywhere close to all of the local suckers who have been driven into the poor house because they couldn't control their betting addiction

Accordingly, here's a peek at the designs and a reminder that the "new" economy isn't so very different from "classic" models which also took money from fools who didn't deserve to keep it.

Check-it . . .

KC Biz Journal: $61M Casino KC renovation could include restaurant, hotel and streetcar stop

A peek at impressive drawings . . .

Deets on big plans to lure back Kansas City compulsive gamblers:

"Rhode Island-based Bally's Corp., formerly known as Twin River Worldwide Holdings Inc., seeks to build a 35,596-square-foot modernized retail and dining addition in front of the existing casino off Front Street, according to documents uploaded Friday to the city's development database.

"New plans depict a seven-story, 150-room hotel in place of what previously was delineated as space for bars and a spa, as part of a second development phase.

"An expansion of the casino's existing parking garage will see its 609 spaces doubled, with an additional 162 spaces bolstering the current 384-space western parking lot — bringing the property to 1,946 spaces total, up from 1,175.

"The new plan also would build an amphitheater in the southwest corner, behind the existing casino sign. Rounding out the proposal are a future streetcar stop and terminus just north of the parking lot."

Check even more deets for subscribers. 

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

No dice.

Anonymous said...


Actually, that plans sounds like a winner whereas you sound like a boomer CHUD.

Cgc said...

It's always best to gamble with other people's money.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Subways And Light Rail Are Sealed Sarcophaguses, COVID Incubators

Kansas City's soulless technocrats are wasting billions in trying to stuff unwilling commuters into light rail sarcophaguses. Instead of the more traditional buses, a fraction of the cost, the collective of cretins that runs the state keeps digging up highways to put down tracks.

If we are to believe the elites, the dumb Demos have voted to expand this transit system so, like the State itself, light rail’s tentacles will reach into every community.

In the age of COVID, subways and light rail are a dubious proposition, although the latter are way worse.

Anonymous said...

How many hundreds of millions of dollars do we have to pay them to build something here this time?

Every time someone builds something here our taxes get raised because the developer doesn’t have pay theirs....

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys can get Trump to build it so you can be SURE it will be a failure and lose money.

Alpinista said...


chuck said...

Speaking of "Desperation". Our politicians in Washington D.C. hate middle class proles in "Flyover" country and they are sure as fuck proving it today.

Republicans and Democrats are sucking the very last drop of blood out of your ass for "Globalist" initiatives and "Climate Change" horseshit - and sending the folks here in KC, who lost their jobs, their lives and futures to the COVID LIE, 600 muthafuckkin bucks.


The Stimulus Bill:

The gov't closes the economy. You lose your job. You face eviction.

$600 for all your troubles.

Meanwhile they send:

$135 million to Burma
$85.5 million to Cambodia
$1.4 billion for "Asia Reassurance Initiative Act"
$130 million to Nepal

They hate you.

The fuckin Chinese run Nepal! 6,000 page bill and they (The politicians) are supposed to read it and comprehend it in 6 hours.

Goddamn the Deep State to hell.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Tree House? Figures you read that, chuck, you're about as smart as a monkey anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hit Pelosi up for the money. That old hag has plenty to spare.

Anonymous said...

They are so desperate for people to ride the toy train they are thinking about having it run out to Isle of Debris.

fucking gross

this toy train is just gonna move around broke people and it will have the appeal of the metro which means nobody who can afford other forms of transportation will want to actually ride it

Anonymous said...

Bail outs for Blue State Pensions and Unions and bail-outs for special interest groups, lobbyists, banksters, corporations, PP, etc. who all contribute to the re-election campaigns of these corrupt beaurocrats! And THE PEOPLE pay for it all thru higher taxes! And these politicans think they are doing THE PEOPLE a favor by tossing us a few bread crumbs!!! Nothing but BS!

If they just handed out cash the bill has enough for $2,700 for every man, woman, and child in America.

But we are only getting $600, and then just certain people.

The rest is going to special interest groups.


Clayton Bigsby said...

And you will always be a dickhead

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$453,000,000.00 to Ukraine - no word on how much is going to "The Big Guy".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the small business owners here in KC, destroyed by the mayor, care if the "Stimulus Bill" sends $10 million for "gender programs" in Pakistan?

No big deal, fuck Christmas, let's send some cash to Pakistan, we will get a great ROI on that deal!!!

Anonymous said...

40 million to get teenagers to quite screwing and drinking.

That will work. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey! All of you folks down at the Blue Stem, no longer working. Here is some salve for your wounds. $40,000,000.00 for the Kennedy Center.

You'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

Oprah wanted this in the bill, so, here ya go---

The Covid relief bill includes $193 million for federal HIV/AIDS workers stationed abroad to buy new cars

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying your Deep State Cake muthafukkas.

Anonymous said...

$6 billion in child porn and cocaine. No idea who that's going for.

Anonymous said...

Hunter ^^^^

Anonymous said...

6:23 that goes to the dimwit politicians so they can buy American hookers instead of Chinese lady spies! Hahahahaha!

Jcm said...

Streetcar has been a horrible debacle since day one. This casino scheme will be sure to backfire because there simply isn't the kind of money that will support this in the long run. You can't force people to ride in an outdated mode of Transit when there are much better options and much better things to do in nicer parts of the metropolitan area. In the meantime I suppose that developers will do nothing but continue to extort money from small businesses and the politicians will help them in their shakedowns.

KC said...

And Clayton for the kill 😉

Anonymous said...

This will provide nice getaways for the homeless looking to get out of downtown for a few hours. All aboard!