Sentimental Mayor Quinton Lucas Love Letter Explains Kansas City Tribute To Controversial Former Council Lady Carol Coe

Rather than putting in work on the local homicide crisis, a budget catastrophe in the making and a myriad of challenges confronting Kansas City right now . . . The Mayor pens a 600+ word tribute to a council lady and attempt to explain the history of East side politics to hipsters from out of town.

Check-it . . .

Honoring Carol Coe for inspiring us to be a little more fearless, and to occasionally break into an aquarium

Outspoken former State Representative and Councilwoman Carol Coe in 2017. // Photo by Tracy Thomas The weekend before the 2019 mayoral election, former Councilwoman Carol Coe and I broke into East High School. Earlier in the week, she insisted on taking me on her personal tour of the Third District, an area we had each proudly represented in the Kansas...


  1. Doesn't seem like she's doing a very good job with her fight.

  2. Just another cog in the keepem on the plantation machine. She didnt leave things better than she found it. Just drained it like a sj leech

  3. Oh that's total Bs Coe was a walking nightmare and thief.

  4. fearless is not a synonym of stupid.

  5. Wow. Born to be wild.

    Nauseating. A self serving hagiography designed to cover mr. mayor in borrowed glory.

    Coe was a thief and a run of the mill, garden variety, loudmouth/parasite who rose to prominence by grifting off of the backs of taxpayers.

    I gotta admit though, she might, MIGHT not have killed off as much of our local economy as the mayor is right now.

  6. Sure thing, let’s celebrate a psychopath who’s been disbarred as a lawyer because...... she’s fucking nutz.

  7. "She is a ferocious defender of those who are often overlooked or underrepresented in our community."... nope she was just ferocious, self appointed angry ugly black female bully. Funny, I don't have the same fanciful memories of Carol Coe. Glad somebody likes her... I don't. People tend to start patting themselves on the back when the end is near. Top pic shows an ill looking woman in the last stage of life but that doesn't change reality. She is a mean old hag. Lied to my face several times. The article gets ferocious right... everything else is niceties and fluff. Between her and that bat shit crazy Rosemary Lowe...

  8. Mike Sanders used to do a spot on and hilarious Carol Coe impression.

  9. How quaint! A corrupt racist black pining for the days of the mother of all corrupt racist blacks in KC.

  10. She was very stupid and ugly with a very big mouth. Typical for her kind I can easily see a gay sissy black male admiring her.


  11. Another re-write of history....Coe was an idiot and didn't know wth she was doing except making a spectacle of herself

  12. Afraid that's true - I worked briefly in the Revenue Department and had several billings that had to be referred to Legal.

    If Coe got your referral you knew the uncollected revenue being billed was lost, because somewhere along the torturous path of a collection attempt Coe would screw things up and the matter would have to be dropped. Have no idea how much she lost for the City, but it was over $3 million from my "cases" alone in a nine month period.

  13. It's beyond comical when these "leaders" of days gone by are celebrated like this.
    And at the same time, there's never-ending wailing about what terrible shape the black community is in.
    What, exactly, did all these people accomplish?
    And, of course, we all know whose fault all the big bad things are.
    And look at the current crop of east side "leaders".
    Nothing much has changed except for the names.

  14. She stole campaign funds, as was disbarred for it. What, exactly, are we remembering her fondly for???

  15. yuck racists ruining comments on this site.

    carol coe would not have been stupid enough to vote for power nd light district, that I have to believe. she was not so desirous of fitting in with a peer group that she would want to agree to something that she did not understand would help her people. or at least she would have to be paid first. sly was chasing after some kind of creative class silly dream and it has given us nothing but debts and we will be ill equipped for future challenges and opportunities. plus there are some stories of her being so mean to bob berdella the gay serial killer that he cried. a local legend. we need a panegyric to skip sleyster soon.

  16. At times she appears to be mentally ill (which she probably is), but then her true self emerges as the piece of crap grifter she's always been. So she's being celebrated by Lucas in this ridiculous article as what? A junk food eating burglar with a big mouth who blew off her law school fees and created havoc while "serving" on the city clowncil. And now she's got a bridge named after her? Well, why the hell not, it is 2020, after all. She deserves zero attention from anyone.

  17. The original Stacy Shaw

  18. A dead fish rots from the head down.

    KCMO rots from their corrupt Democratic leadership on down.

    Remember the time Carol Coe took a new Lincoln for a test-drive from a dealership and never brought it back? I think they had to sue her in court to recover it.

    She was also arrested for traffic violations, warrants, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

    She also pled guilty to multiple violations of campaign finance laws.

    She was so unruly in court appearances that she was disciplined by the court.

    A train-wreck is a good description for Carol Coe. That the Mayor thinks she's a good role model speaks volumes.

  19. Oh...Quinton Lucas representing the 3rd district? In title...sure. in reality, he was hardly the rep of our dreams. But Middle aged Black women have a thing for young, black gay males with access to education, despite the fact that behavior doesn't promote black families. Everything east of Troost is ass backwards...literally. Lucas was not a good representative and largely worked on issues that didn't promote our district. Yeah, I'd like a list of accomplishments from both Coe and Lucas.


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